Taeyang Photos from Alive Tour Guangzhou, China (120728)

We’re still alive!

In all seriousness, Taeyang news has been really slow hence the lack of updates.  (Which is expected given that Big Bang is mostly just focusing on touring aside from the members’ solo activities – which in Taeyang’s case probably means more time in the studio.) In the meantime, fans from BB’s recent China tour have been generous in sharing their photos.  Here are some favorites from the Guangzhou Alive Concert (only some from more than a thousand uploads. Check out Youngbaeworld for more photos and download links.)

Photo credits as tagged (mostly through baidu and weibo) via @ZGV3aQ and Youngbaeworld.

4 thoughts on “Taeyang Photos from Alive Tour Guangzhou, China (120728)”

  1. Bae…….UNF.


    Also, I want to steal those purple, leopard-print sunglasses of his. So cool!!!!

    I’m also loving the “YoungBae” signs I’m seeing admidst the sea of yellow crown sticks.

  2. Hahahahahahah!!! Ohhh, I love the fish pout! XDDDDD

    So many lovely lovely pics here, and just gawdd.. I didn’t think I would love him even more, but I am! XD

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