Taeyang’s Q&A from Big Bang’s WITH Magazine Feature (July 2012)

“Love Everybody! All the answers can be found in love!”
The Secret of My Strength

Love! Love everybody!  We can’t be strong without love. The important things are passion and tenderness to try to understand love. I think the answer to all our problems can be found in love.

I believe that we, including myself, are all weak. The thing is, we have to know our weakness. Even if we go after and reach our goal, what we get there would be just an illusion without self-awareness of our own weakness. That’s why love is important. Because without love, people would not even think of sacrificing themselves and doing good for others. I always hope that we can give people inspiration to feel love through our music.

I will protect my girlfriend like this…
Acting (trustworthy) to make her feel that I can be trusted, rather than doing something (special) for her.  It’s important to be on her side without expecting a reward, so that she can feel my love and see that I’m there for her.

The body part I’m most confident in…

My muscles just above my hip: I work out so hard that the protruding muscles of this part are divided into two. The members say that those are cool, though I can’t see them by myself…..

Full article scans through @kappi573 via bigbangupdates.com. Translations by Rika F. (@solysombra0518) for alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com.  Please do not remove credit.


5 thoughts on “Taeyang’s Q&A from Big Bang’s WITH Magazine Feature (July 2012)”

  1. It’s all about the love, guys… 🙂

    Seriously, he’s just such a sweet guy. I don’t know what’s been inspiring him lately but it’s such a positive way to look at things…

  2. I’ll let you guys in on YB’s secret y’all.

    He’s in love with me. He’s so much happier now. Y’all can thank me later 😛

    But I love YB’s way of protecting his girl. Totally unexpected way and yet one of the most important things a girl can hope for.

    And yes, I love those hip muscles too!!!! 😀

  3. Loving the energy he has lately (use of the word ‘love’ unintended lol). His way of protecting his girl is one of the most important but most difficult to prove to a girl at the same time. Add on top of that is not a lot of guys would put much effort into doing that, or even know that trust is that important, not to discredit all the good guys out there though.

    And he still can’t see the appeal of his muscles or see them as cool ey… Hahahahaha, awww~ 🙂

  4. Awww :’) This is exactly what I expected him to say, that he’d rather be there for his girl than doing something special. & that’s what I always had in my head what I wanted too. ♥ Oh Bae!~

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