Taeyang’s Twitter Music Recommendations

DJ Dong is back on twitter and recently praised  Beenzino’s song ” If I Die Tomorrow.”

For those who want to keep track, these have been Taeyang ‘s twitter recommendations so far:

  1. Miguel – Sure Thing
  2. Beyonce – Love On Top
  3. The Weeknd – The Morning
  4. Chris Brown – Your Body
  5. 조용필 (Cho Yong Pil) – 이젠 그랬으면 좋겠네
  6. Michael Jackson – Speechless (recommended twice)
  7. JoJo – Marvin’s Room (Cover)
  8. Michael Jackson – I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
  9. Frank Ocean – Thinking About You
  10. Black Eyed Peas – Alive
  11. Mario – Hardest Moment
  12. Sean Garrett – Patron
  13. Frank Ocean – Strawberry Swing (recommended twice)
  14. Demi Lovato – Skyscraper
  15. Drake ft. Rihanna – Take Care
  16. M.I.A. – Bad Girls
  17. Miguel – Adorn
  18. Whitney Houston – Saving All my Love for You
  19. Skrillrex – With you, Friends (Long Drive)
  20. Alicia Keys – That’s How Strong My Love Is
  21. Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover
  22. Beenzino – If I Die Tomorrow
  23. Passion Pit – I’ll Be Alright
  24. Passion Pit – Little Secrets
  25. Passion Pit – Constant Conversations
  26. Azealia Banks – Luxury
  27. Swizz Beatz – Everyday Birthday (feat. Chris Brown and Ludacris)
  28. 들국화 – 그것만이 내 세상 (It’s Only My World by DeulGukhwa)
  29. 조용필 (Cho Yong Pil) – Bounce
  30. Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful
  31. Maxwell – This Woman’s Work (Live)
  32. The Weeknd – Belong to The World
  33. Justin Timberlake – Take It From Here
  34. Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home
  35. TLC – Meant to Be
  36. Sia – Chandelier

He’s made other music recommendations in the past ( like here and here, and especially here)  but we’re keeping this list to twitter for now.  (We’ll be updating it every now and then, so it may be handy to bookmark this if you need a reference.)

And just so we can imagine him jamming to his ipod:
(via YB Dong)

Ele from Sol-Shining has put up a playlist of Taeyang’s recommended songs on 8tracks.  Check it out here.

18 thoughts on “Taeyang’s Twitter Music Recommendations”

        1. Ah, we would if it were a Taeyang or Big Bang song (or, I suppose depending on the one writing the post.) Didn’t think anyone would be interested considering that we rarely post on Taeyang’s tweets at all.

          Did you like the song though? I loved the composition and instrumentation – so pretty. The sound seems very much in keeping with some artists on Taeyang’s list (The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Miguel) and less like “traditional” Korean R&B. Which would be interesting if Taeyang is leaning in that direction for his own work. The strength with those artists also tend to be in the writing though, so I’d be interested in a translation of the lyrics but have not been able to find one yet. (Would appreciate a link if you find one.) I haven’t listened to the whole 24:26 album, though I liked Boogie On&On too. The album doesn’t seem to stick to any one musical theme.

          For those who are new to Beenzino, he is a much respected underground hiphop artist (more recently affiliated with the Quiett and Dok2’s Illionaire Records.) He’s part of both Jazzyfact and Hotclip. Check out his fansite http://fuckyeahbeenzino.tumblr.com/ where they also feature samples of his music. Personally, I really liked Jazzyfact’s album in particular, though he’s got a lot of great songs.

          (He also followed Taeyang on twitter as a result of the recommendation, haha.)

        2. His music is kind of like Jinbo – placing more emphasis on the lyrics (rap durrr) and the arrangement/production than on the main melody itself. It’s not ethereal as Jinbo’s but I would love to have all the instrumentals though.

          Look at the list, I’m really interested in what Taeyang’s album is gonna sound like. Eeeeek This one feels so far away. 😦

          Not gonna lie, Beenzino is kind of a hottie. Thumbs up.

  1. YB has the greatest music recs. I love almost each and every single artist/song he’s suggested.

    Boy has amazing taste in music.

    I’m so excited to see what he has in store for us on his album considering the music he’s been listening to.

    1. Not on twitter, but he did recommend the album on Naver Music in an interview with Big Bang (it’s one of the links included at the end of the above post.) He’s made many other music recommendations throughout the years since debut – such as to Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” and Maxwell’s “Whatever, Whenever, Wherever” – but that’s a much bigger research project. 🙂

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