Never Stop Dreaming Talk Concert (120706) – Taeyang Photos and Fancams

Big Bang had a mini concert for The North Face’s “Never Stop Dreaming” Campaign on July 6.  One of the highlights was the presence of Taeyang-double Dome from Thai Big Bang cover group Lollipop CZ and finally seeing him and the real deal side by side.

More photos from 518% here  (Also check urthesun 1 and 2)

Set list included Tonight, Hands Up, Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby, Feeling and Lie.  (via

With Dome (Lollipop CZ)

Never Stop Dreaming

Bad Boy

Fantastic Baby



Thanks to urthesun and YB518%  (DYBLGE) for the fancams and photos!

12 thoughts on “Never Stop Dreaming Talk Concert (120706) – Taeyang Photos and Fancams”

  1. i like him like this the most.normal pants,sleeveless shirt and cap on his head.i like that he added the bandanna.i think that’s his favorite pants.
    awww he’s so sweet to the fans.

    1. Not that I know – I’ve only seen some of the talk cuts on urthesun’s yt channel and some translated tweets from fans who attended.

  2. This comment is slightly off topic, but does anyone knows what happened to ibigbang wordpress? Seems like it got deactivated.
    Thanks~ (:

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