Weekly Catch up! (120627-120702)

We’re back after a short break and catching up on all we missed in Taeyang-land.  So apparently he’s been…

(Photo from Oricon via @urthesun on twitter.) More under the cut

Skateboarding (in 2 countries no less)

At the airport on the way to Japan (with video via 518mercuri)

Meeting up with Producers

With Swizzbeats (via DCYB) and ProducerSnagz

Attending a Big Bang fanmeeting in Japan (120701)

Where he reportedly won at ping pong among the members (here’s the winning ball) and drew an absent Top as a dinosaur-looking-like-a-crocodile.

Getting attention on polls and whatnot (videos via YBMania)

MNet Summer Special Hot Body Star 

Show Champion  – One of the Top 4 Idol dancers according to dance teams

And doing the promo rounds with Big Bang

Monster on Happy Music Japan (120630)

via Bigbang Music2012

Anything important we missed?

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