SOL in Yokohama Walker (Taeyang’s Interview)


The following was part of an interview with each of the Big Bang members. Each of them were asked the same questions about a series of topics.

MUSIC: What song are you into lately?

I don’t have a particular song on heavy rotation. But I listen to some American underground music for inspiration.

OXYGEN: What is something you cannot live without?

Inspiration. Of course I get it from music or film, but often I also get it from observing people in the streets or natural scenery.

NAKED: What part of your body are you most confident with?

The area between my waist and hips. I wasn’t aware of it, but the other members have told me the muscles [there] are cool.

SECRET: Tell our readers a recent secret!

My true intentions! (laughs) … or so I’d like to say, but since I myself am not sure of it, I can’t tell you. (laughs)

TEARS: What would you do if you see a woman shedding tears?

If she were the person I like… Ah! I’m blanking out!** I haven’t really thought about it, I’ll probably just feel awkward because I wouldn’t know what to do.

Speaking of tears, I cried in my manager’s car before the album “ALIVE” was released, because I was happy and at the same time it is a piece of work that was released after the other members went through hardships. It was an evening and I felt a bit melancholy when I saw the outside scenery, however I cried so quietly that nobody could notice me crying.

[Translation note: The term he used was “멘붕” (men-boong) which is a trendy slang word meaning “mental collapse” or “mental breakdown”]   

EMPTY: Quickly, “I am recently in lack of _____.”

Right now, I don’t have time to spare. If I had the time, I’d like to travel. Last year, I traveled to Okinawa with my manager.

RAIN: It’s rainy season in Japan. What comes to mind when you think “rain”?

Four years ago, it was the day of my solo concert, and I remember being very worried because the rainstorm was so severe. That left a lasting impression on me.

+1: A Chrome Hearts item you recently purchased?

The shoes I’m wearing right now! I found them in Japan and bought them because the size fit me perfectly. But then, a month later, I got my credit card statement and was shocked! I’d forgotten about the exchange rate. (laughs)

Translation by Silly of (based on the translation of YBMania) and @solysombra0518.  Please do not remove credit if taking elsewhere.

10 thoughts on “SOL in Yokohama Walker (Taeyang’s Interview)”

  1. Smart way of answering the question, he averted our attention about his actions on a crying woman to his own tears-shedding moment in life…

    Na..joking x)

    I hope SR’s happy now that his hyung is spending some money again hehehe

  2. Oh Baeeee >.< He's so bad with girls, LOL. Don't know what to do? Well, leme be the example you want to experience the relationship feelings with. Hehe~ He's so funny & cute. :))

  3. that must be a normal reaction: feeling “blank”… but im sure after a few seconds he would hold the girl & let her cry on his shoulder
    YB’s crying – reading that part makes me feel a lit sad …but proud too

  4. Hahaha!! Aww YB, that answer to the last question was just gold. XD

    Hope love can come around to you YB, and maybe you’ll know what to do when a girl cries 😉

    And now I’ll go and see past pictures of the area he mentioned about the muscles…. 😛

  5. For some reason, I always thought Bae was a silent tears sort of person.

    Bae, you’re whole mid section is great to look at! Ai, our Bae is so helpless with girls, please go ask GD for some help! (though I think they already brainstormed ideas back in BB documentary, lol)

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