Tiger JK wants Taeyang to work with Yoon Mirae?

Recently, Tiger JK made an appearance on Mnet’s Volume Ten. During the episode, Tiger JK chose Wonder Girls’ Yubin as the artist he would most like to collaborate with.

Tiger JK also made another idol star pick for artist he thought would make a great collaboration partner for his wife, selecting Big Bang’s Taeyang.

From enewsworld

Is this even real life? Haha.  Wishing hard that this comes true sooner than later.  So many good potential collaborations (still waiting on a Jinbo and Taeyang track for starters.)  I’m not even sure why it hasn’t happened yet. No time, motivation or management companies can’t agree?  Different priorities? He hasn’t “met” the right song yet?   I really don’t mind waiting (so looooong….) for his solo work if he really comes out with something mind-blowing this time around.  This just really has to happen…

4 thoughts on “Tiger JK wants Taeyang to work with Yoon Mirae?”

  1. Omg. This is so weird!!!

    I swear I just had a dream that they hooked up with YB to do a song together.

    YB+YM would be epic. I’d loved to see that happen. I can see myself fangirl squealing already.
    I hope someone in YGE is keeping their eyes and ears open.

  2. Please please please it’d be epic. Won’t mind Tiger himself too His presence alone in a song is amazing.. YB please take note!

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