Monster debuts on Music Japan (120617)

Uploaded by Greencaramelful

Big Bang performed the first broadcast version of Monster on Music Japan.  (Alternative video link here. )

Much more dramatic than is usual for Big Bang, which is probably expected given the nature of the song. I can see why a few well chosen performance dates instead of regular weekly performances would probably be more effective for promotions since repetition would likely lessen the impact.

3 thoughts on “Monster debuts on Music Japan (120617)”

  1. Dramatic, yes but I like it 🙂 I agree about less promotion would be more suitable for this song. I wonder if YB is ever going to perform with the mickey hair?

  2. This was definitely not their best performance.
    But I did love the actual idea of the performance itself. I love the dramatic-ness (is this even a word? Hahaha) of the performance.

    The vocalists look good. The rappers’ outfits……ehhhh…..

    YB sounds off. His voice seemed a little hoarse to me. Don’t know if he was doing it on purpose or what, but I hope he’s been resting his throat as much as possible.

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