Taeyang in Extraordinary 20’s – Photo Scans (Japan Version Photobook)

Many thanks to YBMania for the scans.

The scans from the Korean version of the Photobook are here.   And just in case you missed it the first time, here are the cuts from the accompanying DVD to the Japanese version:

YG also released a few extra promo photos from the shoot (via @YB-518 on twitter.)

6 thoughts on “Taeyang in Extraordinary 20’s – Photo Scans (Japan Version Photobook)”

  1. Sigh. With news being slow for the forseeable future (especially news about the solo) it’s nice to have these photos and the occasional odd interview to tide us over for a while. (Though what is with the Japanese version getting sold out so quickly?) And in effort to stay positive, at least we get to save up more for a bit of a splurge when solo time does comes around.

    I’m so happy we’re getting to see more of YB’s random and funny side in the video. After years of always being the shy, serious one it’s a welcome change to see this side of him. I always knew the kid was mischievous at heart…

  2. Alashshakxjakjalal……I love all of the photos from both photo books!!!

    But why is the Japanese version do freaking expensive. YG is already taking my money with BB’s concert. Side-eyeing you YG!!!!!

    But I’m with you BM. I love how carefree he’s shown in the photos and DVD.

    Playful, goofy YB just tugs at my heart strings.

  3. i think i’ve watched that video for at least 50 times.bae was such a kid in the park.arggh,i love him too much it hurt

  4. Although I love the pics, it concern me that Taeyang doesn’t have that bright smile much in his pics anymore. I miss that smile. Please don’t hide the sun TBaeby it’s meant to be.

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