(Updated) Taeyang in Big Bang’s “Extraordinary 20’s” Photobook – Scans and Video Cuts

Scans are from YBMania on tumblr (1, 2, 3, 4)  Many thanks to YBMania for sharing some of the photos!

More scans and video under the cut.

Photos are from the Korean version of the Photobook.

Big Bang’s “Extraordinary 20’s” Photobook chronicling their trip to Europe for the MTV European Music Awards as well as other photos  is now available in 2 versions – the Korean version is a Photobook with some additional loose photos and a “diary” and the Japanese version includes a documentary on their Europe trip and photosession on DVD (Subtitled in Japanese, English and Korean)  and a different Photobook.

UPDATE:  URTHESUN also has scans on its site, including the ones here and a few more (particularly the group shots.) Check them out here.

YBMania has a player of the Taeyang video cuts from the Japanese DVD here.  The’ve also uploaded on vimeo:

10 thoughts on “(Updated) Taeyang in Big Bang’s “Extraordinary 20’s” Photobook – Scans and Video Cuts”

      1. I’m leaning in favor of getting the Japanese version myself because of the DVD. Taeyang seems more like himself when he’s in motion vs just still shots haha.

  1. lol at the caption:
    ‘omg!is that taeyang?’
    ‘sometimes yes’
    he’s such adork.

  2. So I’ve decided I need to get the Japanese version.

    The video cuts are just aakdhakflkkajalalajdla

    YB being all dorky and playful and acting like a little kid+ YB’s English+ YB and the little boy………..just priceless.

    I love the photos. Simple and not overdone, just like YB.

  3. in another cut of him talking to the english lady, when she asked him he was north or south korean he said north 🙂 lol taeyang you’re way to funny 😀

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