Taeyang’s Teaser Photo for Monster MV

Rawr.  Can’t say I’m feeling the song preview yet but the photos from the MV filming are all sorts of hot.

Photo from yg-life.


7 thoughts on “Taeyang’s Teaser Photo for Monster MV”

  1. Figure he’s going to be Edward Scissorhands? (Well, the even hotter version?) Guess they literally are going to be classic movie monsters in the MV. Cute concept and I hope there is a storyline.

    1. based on what i’ve seen & heard abt the MV, i think there will be storyline… maybe another beauty & the beast :xD if so, hope there are 5 beautiful girls for the hottest, sexiest beasts
      i like the angle that shows Taeyang’s face here, even the color & the outfit (! taeyang scissorhands lol i dont mind !)
      as long as i can see his perfect jawline & sexy back

  2. Fucking gorgeous. Bias aside, this is the hottest teaser to date.

    I’m excited to see how the mv comes out. The teasers seem so different from the Japanese preview clips I’ve heard. Seems too upbeat for the images.

    But I don’t know. YB has been too hot for me to handle lately. I honestly don’t know how much more I can take.

  3. he’s a monster ~~~ a beautiful monster
    I agree … not digging the monster preview but these pics are awesome

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