Taeyang on Ray Magazine June 2012: Excerpt from Big Bang Interview

Q: It’s summer; what do you want to see girls wearing?
SOL: T-shirt and denim – I like simple coordination.

Q: What’s your ideal summer date?
SOL: I don’t have any experience of a summer date…but I like Okinawa, so I’d go there and swim lots and do marine sports.

Q: Who’d make the idea boyfriend out of the 5 of you?
SOL: No one (laughs)

Q: What’s the most important thing for achieving your dreams?
SOL: Keep thinking in your head ‘I want to achieve this’ – every day. If you do that then naturally the ability and power will come to you, and you’ll end up achieving your dream.

Q: What Bigbang song do you want to listen to when you’re in love?
SOL: Bad Boy. If you take in the lyrics you’re like ‘watch out for that Bad Boy!!’

Q: What Korean drama or movie do you recommend?
SOL: To be honest, I don’t really know Korean stuff…I like anime and manga, like ‘One Piece’. I don’t even need to recommend it, it’s popular everywhere.

Q: How do you sleep?
SOL: When I was little I wore PJs but now I just wear pants. When it’s cold I wear a hoodie or something.

Q: If you won $4million in the lottery how would you spend it?
SOL: Buy a mansion (‘mansion’ in Japanese means a swanky flat). But to be honest, if I suddenly got dumped with $4million I’d give it to my parents to look after. I don’t like money.

Q: What are you into at the moment?
SOL: Things I’m into….there isn’t really anything (laughs). But even if there was something I don’t have the time.

Q: What kind of person is G-Dragon?
SOL: Up until now GD has produced Bigbang’s music, so out of the members he’s the most professional. He’s also very sensitive and romantic.

Translated by thatsnotcricket on tumblr. Scan from bigbangupdates.

Note: The polaroids in the in the article were taken by the members themselves. TOP took SOL’s photos (larger), and SOL took GD Dragon’s photos (here.)


3 thoughts on “Taeyang on Ray Magazine June 2012: Excerpt from Big Bang Interview”

  1. I thought the most interesting thing about the article were the photos Taeyang took of GD. I liked that they both decided to have fun with it – GD with the poses and Taeyang with his “art.” You can see both of their humor in it (and probably glimpses of the stuff they used to do as kids.)

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