Taeyang on GQ’s “How Did I Look?”

Taeyang was recently mentioned in a segment on GQ  (original here) called “How did I Look?” that asks contributors from the fashion industry  (stylists, fashion editors, designers etc.)  to comment on celebrity style.


There was a special reason why Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” stage is a forerunner.  Taeyang especially stood out.  His newly cut off top exposed glimpses of the tattoo on his side.  Above all, his baggy pants that counteracts “skinny pants”,  was naturally balanced between the material and size, displaying what it means to have the perfect fit (hard to achieve “fit”).  The fact that the “cutting edge”  expectations people have of Big Bang have been resolved through [using the] the ‘old school’  [fashion] and having made their stage in full knowledge of that, then abruptly vanishing, isn’t that fashion?  It’s gratifying.

-Kim Bong Bop, fashion stylist

Note: “abruptly vanishing” means that Big Bang just showed a glimpse of the Bad Boy fashion (since they didn’t have many stages for the song.)

A photo of Taeyang with the stylist:

Thanks to YB mania for the original post! (Photo from DCYB via twitter.)

Translation by Myokoon at alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com. Please do not remove credit if taking elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “Taeyang on GQ’s “How Did I Look?””

  1. As a fan of his baggy pants, I just had to make this little post. Taeyang has upped his pants game this promo making it one of the focal points of his new style. In my opinion, while there have been some notably “misses”, he’s had a lot of interesting choices and some looks are definitely ones I hope he keeps.

    After nearly 3 months of his new style, I have to admit it’s grown on me a lot. He looks comfortable and sexy and current and I like that he’s mixed up his usual hoody and jeans style a bit. (I wonder though if his new style change makes him less relatable, especially to his male fans?) I do think he looks great though and am seriously wondering what else he plans to do going into his solo work. (Probably add more Chrome Hearts? :P)

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