Taeyang in the June 2012 L’Officiel Hommes Korea – Updated with Q&A

Scans from 518%.

Quite possibly the best fashion editorial he’s ever done.

Thanks to 518% for sharing the scans. (DCYB also has page by page scans here 1, 2, 3, 4)

Taeyang’s Staccato Q&A (from Sol-mate)

“Fashion Monster”

Taeyang goes beyond being an idol singer to command a massive influence in music, fashion, and culture.

He wears the most wanted items and the most wanted hair style, and sings and dances in the most wanted style that the contemporaneous young men covet after. He is the ‘now’.

This is why L’officiel Homme Korea audaciously put him on the cover of the June issue.

After a month-long planning and a 8-hour-long shooting session, Taeyang now unrolls the visual and the story for the world.

And, Taeyang’s staccato Q&A peeked by L’officiel Homme is a bonus!

Favorite drive – Hongdae to Gangnam
Favorite country – Korea and Brazil (want to visit Brazil)

Favorit fasion style – TAEYANG STYLE
Favorite swimsuit style – SURFER STYLE
Favorite underwear style – boxer shorts

Favorite shoes style – NIKE AND JORDAN, BIKER BOOTS
Favorite accessory – ALL CHROME HEARTS

Favorite pop star – MICHAEL JACKSON
Favorite movie – FORREST GUMP
Favorite word – PASSION

Favorite type of woman – a woman who can inspire me a lot
favorite type of friend – a friend who speaks on the same channel

Favorite perfume – I don’t like perfumes
Favorite flower – cactus
Favorite book – ONE PIECE
Favorite alcoholic drink and food accompaniment – I don’t drink alcohol.. so I don’t know
Favorite side dish – frog dish* (Korean food)

*frog dish[개구리반찬] comes from a Korean folk song for children. Taeyang made a joke.

Original : http://lofficielhommes.mt.co.kr


27 thoughts on “Taeyang in the June 2012 L’Officiel Hommes Korea – Updated with Q&A”

  1. oh my god! My jaw literally dropped when I scrolled through the pics. I LOVE the split braided hair. I migh actually cry. He needs to use that hairstyle in his next promotion. Pls YG, use the braided hair.

  2. I’ll admit it, much as I love Taeyang, I never really thought fashion editorials were his thing. (I usually prefer more casual and candid portraits.) These photographs are great though and he’s certainly come a long way in facial expressions judging by these and recent photos. Never thought a leather and lace outfit would work on him but it surprisingly does.

  3. 2nd pic is my fav
    3rd pic looks like gd for a sec lol
    what is he doing in the last pic?! *cleansing my thoughts*

  4. Gotta say this by far has one of the most interesting (solo) editorials he has done. He looked like had a lot of fun with this one…tried something new, and knowing how he can be uncompromising when it comes to clothes, I’m quite impressed with the results.

    And the fangirl in me is squealing at all the abs I’m seeing. His body is ridiculous. INSANE. (Hold up as I clean up my nosebleed.) And his hair…for some reason the fauxhawk and derivations just continue to work for me. Somehow he makes it work.

    1. I love his hair! (Well I did back then, and still do now lol. And so many more styling possibilities than the shorter mohawk.)

      He looks great, though I must admit I also like chubby Taeyang when he was still hauling around his winter weight. (Soooo cute with the chubby cheeks lol.) The editorial is very HIM for some reason – the styling is suits him (lace and strange metal torture device accessories and all) and he’s obviously comfortable with the photographer. 18 pages (plus the cover, 19) … I need this magazine!

    2. yea i gotta agree with u and I think this is the best one so far. And we’re not getting the old ‘stare and look angry’ poses he used to do a lot back in the past. I didn’t expect his body to look this good at all either. Definitely keeping this editorial forever xD
      The braid’s just okay with me though. Is there a name for it?

  5. OH MY LORDY…….

    Please excuse me guys. But some intense fangirling is about to commence.

    What was this editorial called? “The star young males want to be”? Really accurate if you ask me.

    I love love love love LOVE this editorial. It suits YB to a freaking T. He looks amazing! Not a fan of the braids, but aside from that, absolutely freaking perfect.

    This is probably one of the only fashion editorials that I’ve felt has done YB justice. The way the styling was. The lighting and shadowing. The poses. I can’t get over how good he looks. There’s this sort of confidence that’s coming from him that I’m finding incredibly attractive in this shoot.

    His body is banging. Those luscious lips. The too-long-yet-somehow-still-works mohawk. YB has always been hot to me. So I honestly cannot understand how he manages to get more and more attractive to me.

    Although, like BM, I do miss me some chubby-cheeked YB.

    I really really really need this magazine. Anyone know how international fans can get their hands on it?
    *BM……I’m looking at you to find out for me!!!!*
    I’ll love you forever if you manage it!!! 🙂

  6. Dear Young Bae,

    Thanks for always putting a ridiculously HUGE grin on my face- NiNi 😛

    I really like these pictures! I usually don’t like braids, but I’m loving these! I want this magazine sooooo bad!

  7. at first, i wasn’t really sure about this mag spread, but YB looks great in almost every photo. chic, lol. great work, he should be proud of this one!!!

  8. Damn!!! Love the suspenders! He almost looks like he can be a male stripper!!!LOL! My my. What a serious happy trail he got going!…..(faints)

  9. woohoo,fantastic body,youngbaeyah~but what’s that black thingy doing above his pants,it’s so weird.please,kindly take it off it’s blocking my view.can’t see the happy trail jk lol

    i love the braided hair.can he please do this when he comes back with his solo album?

    love the black leather jacket over the lace outfit.love the spiky jacket and spiky pants but of course,i love the most when he’s shirtless.

    the cover pic is my favorite and the picture with him wearing the leather jacket and lacy thing.i love this photoshoot.omg omg omg,i’m spazzing so hard rn gonna be staring on and off this pictures for hours.

  10. These pictures…. gahh!! He looks at ease, confident, and hella hot… I didn’t think he would get any hotter than this….

    Love that he’s got more facial expressions happening in these photo shoots and others compared to how he used to be with them before. 😀

    The pic with him looking sideways and showing a bit of his braided hair….reminds me of the cornrows he had during BB’s debut days, though those are just braided… LOL

    wanna get my hands on this magazine now… even the cover just makes me want it… ❤ ❤

  11. oh no, i went to the link to buy the magazine but it seems there’s no international shipping.. and it’s temporarily out of stock.. are there any links for me to buy this issue? i’m gonna go find out where else i can buy it online too but wont mind too if anyone has other links (:

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