Taeyang Photos! (Magazines, Previews et.al.)

That’s Taeyang on the June cover of L’Officiel Hommes Korea coming out on May 21st!
(From LofficielHommes on twitter)

A little late, but we decided to round up a bunch of Taeyang’s latest photos from all over for an extra concentrated dose of YB-goodness.

More below the cut

More previews from the L’Officiel Hommes photo editorial (via @URTHESUN on twitter)

From photographer Hong Jang Hyun for Nike. Taeyang is wearing an official uniform of the Republic of Korea’s Football Team.  (via hongjanghyun on Twitter)

As part of North Face’s “Never Stop Dreaming Campaign”, Taeyang’s solo shots from 1st Look Magazine. (scans from huhnhg@Baidu via bigbangvip.net)

Preview for Big Bang’s “Extraordinary 20’s Photobook” (via bigbangupdates)

Hmm. A lot of Taeyang goodies in the news lately… does anyone feel some solo activities around the corner?  (Though heck, they can take their time if they are going to keep on giving us these along the way.)

18 thoughts on “Taeyang Photos! (Magazines, Previews et.al.)”

  1. I think he looks pretty good in Nike. But there’s something that bothers me in that picture. It’s like something is coming/growing out of his chest, there is a weird shape there.

    1. thanks 🙂

      I just saw the L’Officiel Hommes Korea photos and man he looks GOOD. I like the cover photo the most, his hair looks really good on him at that angle. I like his expression on the second photo ❤

  2. UNF……

    YB is killing me in each photo. I don’t even know how it happened or how it’s even possible, but he’s just been getting more and more attractive to me.

    The only question is, why are all of these solo pictures coming out? Is it a hint for us fans?

  3. i’ve just had a wish to see an article like this where we can see all the recently hot & cute pics of TY 🙂 so… thanks a lot :))
    & maybe YB’s solo is near to come 😀 imagine Taeyang being shirtless performing on stages … kyaaaaa… this would be the hottest summer i’ve ever experienced!

    1. I remember that shoot!

      I loved both pictures! There’s something about the way Hong Jang Hyun manipulates the shadows and lighting when photographing YB that I just absolutely adore and appreciate.

    2. Found this on YBSol’s youtube account. According to this, YB’s side profile silhouette (which used to be YBM’s logo) was also shot by Hong Jang Hyun.

      1. I’m not surprised. I was going to ask if he shot the L’Officiel Hommes photos as well.
        All of the work with the shadows and lighting seem to be the same.

        I wonder if he’s a YB fanboy bc all of these shoots are freaking gorgeous.

  4. so many photos of youngbae lately.if this is a sign that he’ll drop an album,gosh i’m so ready.

  5. HOT DAMN!! lol. talking bout that L’officiel cover.. prolly the hottest pic of him this season! that stare of his…
    And that Nike ad!!! all that mud on him makes me love him even more. love it when guys are in their sport attire, plus that extra rugged look! phew!
    He’s rocking that North Face red jacket well too! Makes me want it so badly!

    So naming this 3 pics as my Top 5 fav pics of him this season (Alive).

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