Alive Tour in Nagoya, Japan — Taeyang Fancams (120517)

Big Bang kicked off the Japan leg of their Alive tour with a hugely successful first night on May 17 at Nagoya’s Nippon Gaishi Hall.

Taeyang’s solo for LOAM, Wedding Dress and Where U At


More video under the cut


Fantastic Baby






Number 1

Stupid Liar

Bad Boy

Gara Gara Go

Last Farewell


My Heaven



Koe wo Kikasete (Let Me Hear Your Voice) Encore

And some photos from backstage and the rehearsal:

While May 17 seemed like a great concert, can’t wait to hear the news about the May 18 performances.  While I wish I could have been there in person, I’ll be celebrating with Taeyang and all his concert well-wishers in spirit.

Thanks to all the dedicated and generous fans who shared their photos and fancams!

5 thoughts on “Alive Tour in Nagoya, Japan — Taeyang Fancams (120517)”

  1. Watched all of the vids. Aasldkgdklghklfjla… good! I really really really NEED YG to release the North American dates so that I finally get to know when I get to see all of this live in person.

    All in all. The energy was great. He looked and sounded amazing. I’m honestly amazed at how well he’s kept up this whole entire promotion. Here’s to hoping that he can keep it up with this hectic schedule for the rest of the year.

    I’ve loved this performance ever since he first performed it in Korea, and nothing’s changed. He just goes hard with it. ❤
    And I'm loving the Bratson Gear

    OMG…YB's "Say Yeahs" at the beginning gave me chills.
    And YB….don't think I didn't notice that HOT ASS body wave and crotch grab 🙂

    YB looks like he's having so much fun in here.
    I love how he's the only one not wearing skinnies.

    Rofling at the girl with the "Teach Me How to Dougie" poster. And YB's lucky. I saw that his bracelet fell off. Good thing it didn't go far!!!

    So much to pay attention to here!!!!
    The piggyback rides were so freaking adorable!!!!
    I loved the HiTech sign. You know you're big when your dancers have fans. Hahah
    Of course YB. Fulfilling the fans' dreams by running into the crowd.
    Seungri throw fail at 0:22. Lol
    YB's handstand
    YB trying to be sneaky and strip Dae

    I'm really anticipating the 2nd day's fancams bc we all know what special day it is!!!

  2. YB’s ‘Say Yeah’ at the beginning (fantastic baby)..remind me solar concert..LOAM remix…love it..!!

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