10asia Interview 2012 : Big Bang – Taeyang

“See you in two years,” Taeyang said after he wrapped up his interview with 10Asia. The magazine has been interviewing the artist in two-year basis: in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012. What this coincidental meeting with Taeyang left was a recorded process of his growth as a grown up and changes he had in his life. The idol who first made his public appearance through a reality program in 2006, which revealed all his debuting process to the viewers, became a rising star in black music in the country with his first solo album released in 2008. In 2010, he showed off his talent that gave him the title of a composer, producer and performer in his first full-track album “Solar.” Finally in 2012, Big Bang began sweeping local and international music charts with “ALIVE,” even gaining the ‘Worldwide act’ award at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Now, they are waiting to kick off ‘the’ world tour. During the past six years, the 18-year-old boy has grown to become a 24-year-old man and his group, Big Bang is only a few steps away from meeting a new world. Having experienced the success and the worst scenarios as artists in the past few years, Taeyang is now standing at the half point of his 20s. The group’s popularity has reached its peak and they’re ready to make a new start. Even if it is possible that Big Bang could become bigger stars than they are now, restoring the same vibe and beauty they have right at this moment of their lives would be impossible. 10Asia will be recording that moment of each member for the next five days. First to come is, of course, Taeyang. We hope to meet him again in 2 years.

“I realized that I just wanted to be free.”

Q: You guys wrapped up promoting yourselves in Korea. It seemed like everything you guys would do in one year was all done within just three months. How does it feel?
Taeyang: It was busy but personally, it felt good to think that this was a new start. If we were doing our music activities like this in the past, it would have been hard. But this time, the results were pretty successful and rolling out an album during one of our most difficult times rather helped us. And we were pretty confident about the latest release too.

Q: It literally seemed like a new beginning for Big Bang. You guys are receiving positive responses not just in Asia but also in the United States and Europe. You even garnered an award from the MTV EMA and entered the Billboard chart without any special promotion.
Taeyang: I highly appreciate all the love we have been receiving with “ALIVE,” but it feels rewarding and natural at the same time. I’ve been dreaming about this day in the past.

Q: You imagined that this would happen?
Taeyang: It doesn’t mean that I expected how successful I’ll get. I’m talking about my attitude. While going through so many things and preparing the album, I felt so many things. I began appreciating the other members more and thought that we could do anything with this mindset and confidence. During Big Bang’s promotional period, I always drew the things that I’ll achieve in my mind.

Q: Was meeting global musicians and collaborating with them a part of that picture you had? Now, Big Bang can work with international artists like Under Dogs and Diplo.
Taeyang: I’m so happy that we’re now working with producers that we’ve been looking up to all these years. But this is what we had in our minds the whole time. We wanted this to happen but we sort of knew that it was going to happen. It was just a matter of time. But meeting Queen’s guitarist Brian May was truly inspiring. I was not a passionate fan of Queen when I met him but after that day, I started listening to Queen’s music. I was highly influenced by Queen’s Freddy Mercury. Don’t we look good together? (laugh)

Q: To be honest, no. (laugh)
Taeyang: I wasn’t talking about vocal techniques but being free. In the past, I had a lot of things in my mind that was not related to music. I also had things in my life that I’m not so proud of. But I think I’ve changed a lot.

Q: I think your fans and other people saw that change as well. Randomly dancing in a variety program and putting your arm around IU were so unlike you.
Taeyang: People might feel a bit unfamiliar with new me. But this is just who I am. If I had this idea that celebrities need to be perfect, I won’t be acting like this. But I realized that I just wanted to be free.

Q: Well that explains why you’re so vibrant on stage these days. You were showing more limited moves in the past but when performing “FANTASTIC BABY,” you look like you’re really enjoying yourself.
Taeyang: Before, I calculated my moves not to influence my breathing to sing better. I had to do that to feel satisfied. But all I think about now is giving off a good energy on stage. I used to take ten minutes to meditate in a restroom to organize my thoughts. But nowadays, I always bring my speaker everywhere I go and listen to the songs I like. It’s keeping what’s real and getting rid of other thoughts I have in mind.

“After all, regardless of genres, what inspires my music is just a good energy.”

Q: When you were promoting yourself with a solo album two years ago, you focused on every detail in recording songs. It was the same on stage performances as well. But this time, everything seems more implusive.
Taeyang: That’s actually the talent I had. At some point, I was fitting myself into the frame that I thought I had to be like. I controlled myself and became a perfectionist in preparing my performances. But think about how broad and extensive ‘music’ is. Stupid enough, I was trying to find an answer in it. I realized that I’m still too young to find answers to such questions. Of course, that provided me a chance to know more about what music is. I think I found what I want naturally as time passed.

Q: Was there a special incident in that it made you think that way?
Taeyang: Well, I didn’t have a special incident for it but last year’s trip gave me a really good influence. I flew to Los Angeles last year, without planning things, and I visited Chris Brown’s studio with Teddy. Seeing how he makes music inspired me so much. I mean, Korean artists produce amazing music too but they inevitably have to concern about their songs’ popularity. But I felt that he doesn’t care about those things and make music that he likes. I found that they record about 100 songs to make an album. Here, we don’t start at all if we don’t like the song when listening to it, but he tries everything. Whether you like it or not, you just record the song first. I learned a new way of approaching music. I’ve always liked music but I realized that I had more worries than joy when making music.

Q: Was that shown in your last solo album? I heard that you made music after watching snow falling out the window. When listening to the tracks, I felt that you had a lot on your mind when making those songs.
Taeyang: I don’t know what the reason is, but something was shadowing my eyes. I had so many things that I wanted to achieve but I had no energy to pull that off. They say that it’s a ritual for idol groups to go through major internal fights at their fifth year mark of their debut and we had that with other problems and accidents. There were no problems within our group and that sort of made me feel a bit tired in the process. While working non-stop, I just stopped seeing and learning things and just kept being loved by my fans. Usually, I draw a big picture of what I’ll do and will achieve at the beginning of every album promotion, but I had no picture at all before releasing “ALIVE.”

Q: It sounds to me like being conscious of other people pressured you even more.
Taeyang: Yes, I think it was a transition period. It’s difficult to explain in words, but I think I made myself that way eventually. Now I’m free from being conscious of how other people see me. Actually, I was about to drop another solo album last year but I couldn’t. It didn’t feel okay about doing a solo activity while other members are going through a hard time. Instead, I traveled and got inspired. I began being honest about my feelings and dancing in variety programs. (laugh)

Q: At the beginning of your singing career, you showed natural moves when dancing. Did you regain that energy?
Taeyang: Yes, I now know that being natural and free is my talent. After all, regardless of genres, what inspires my music is just good energy. The energy I had as a rookie artist can be felt through the music I made that time. Whether it’s R&B or whatever, the energy that an artist has is everything about his or her song’s everything. That probably explains why, the first recordings are the best when recording tracks. You could come out with better versions in terms of techniques, but the final decision is always the first file you recorded. Almost all tracks in “ALIVE” are the first ones we recorded in our studio.

Q: Your vocal in “FANTASTIC BABY” is quite surprising to think that it’s the first file of recording. The song’s based on a fast electronica sound, but you don’t lose that distinctive voice tone you show in black music. That all harmonize in a dynamic sound.
Taeyang: How you sing a song is not that important. Whether it’s black music or a different genre, I now have my own energy that could cover songs with my own color.

Q: Then you must have so many styles of music that you’d like to sing in the future.
Taeyang: For example, now I have a wider picture for my future solo album. I was obsessed in pushing black music for my solo albums because people have a bias of me in doing the genre. I wasn’t able to find the music I really like doing. That could have stopped me from absorbing different styles of music I could have in the past. I used to only listen to black music in the past, but now it’s more diverse.

“I want to make this team the best in the world.”

Q: So now you don’t have a distinction between Teayang as a member of Big Bang and Taeyang as a solo musician?
Taeyang: You got that right. I used to deny to those questions in the past but I guess I was in a dilemma. There was a time when I thought I had my share of work in Big Bang and it was my album if I put my 100 percent effort. But after all, what’s important was that wherever I am at, the songs I sing have to be the best in anywhere. While producing “ALIVE,” I felt that I wanted to make this team the best in the world. The dilemma I had in the past is now meaningless.

Q: The world’s best? I’m guessing it’s not like topping the Billboard.
Taeyang: Of course not. By saying ‘the best,’ I mean ‘becoming a more free person than anyone else when doing music.’

Q: Your world tour that’s about to start soon could provide you a chance to reach that goal, huh?
Taeyang: I’m expecting a lot. I noticed that more-than-expected number of people’s eyes are on us. Technically, we’re at a starting point and we have so many things that we want to experience. We want to show the world that what Korean musicians can do.

Q: You’d really have to pump out all your energy. (laugh)
Taeyang: My plan this year is not to rest. (laugh) No joke, I’ve never cared how old I am till now, but it’s inevitable to be concerned about my age. Being 24, this could really be the best year of my life in terms of success. I’d love to go out and play but I don’t. There’s this energy and talent that I can’t control inside me. If I waste that energy on playing outside and hanging out with friends, there will be nothing left to show on stage. So I always save that energy. That’s one of the reasons why hiatus is difficult period for me to bear. I have nothing to do. (laugh)

Q: You look really excited about all the things you’re about to do in the future. (laugh)
Taeyang: I love it. Working on this album was the happiest period of my life since my debut. I did things I wanted to do and we were heading to the right direction. The band at the concert for example, it was perfect. The session players in the band, who came from abroad, practiced all our songs in advance and made us listen to it. They perfectly practiced all our songs. It was like walking into a whole new world. Their play even made me love the songs that I was getting tired of listening.

Q: So would it be different to play “Look Only at Me” with the band session?
Taeyang: It’s embarrassing to say this, but “Look Only at Me” is an amazing track. I can’t believe that it’s my song. (laugh) I feel that I was too young when I recorded this track a few years ago. It was a bit difficult to digest too so I couldn’t immerse when singing it. I think I could do better if I have a chance now.

Q: So how is it to look back on yourself six years ago?
Taeyang: Whenever I think about my past, I think that I was stupid. (laugh) I don’t know if I should say this myself (laugh) but I was really pure and naive back then.

Q: Last question. What does Big Bang mean to Taeyang?
Taeyang: Whenever I get a question about Big Bang, I tell reporters that ‘Big Bang is just Big Bang.’ I think that’s the right answer to the question. No matter what metaphors I use, it doesn’t suit our group. How people perceive us doesn’t affect who we are and it’s possible that our popularity may die in the future. But I’m not scared of that. It’s okay if we go through an accident and can’t go up on stage. The reason why we can continue doing our music is because us five are enjoying our time together as a team. We all like music and wherever we go and whatever we do, I’m thankful that we’re together. I have no fear and this is how it’s gonna be.

From: 10Asia.

Editor in Chief : Kang Myeong-Seok
Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong
Photographer : Chae ki-won
Editor : Lee Ji-Hye
Editor : Monica Suk


41 thoughts on “10asia Interview 2012 : Big Bang – Taeyang”

  1. Wow. I kind of have to read this a couple more times to digest everything. I missed these long interviews. And as usual, YB gives so much food for thought. Off the top of my head:

    ”Good energy”, “Being Free” “Joy”– he’s obviously got his head in a good place and I’m happy about that. But whereas I liked the attention to detail he paid before, it seems like he wants to abandon control in favor of “going with the flow”. After all the Black Swan discussions in the past, I can see why he’s trying to change things around. And we can even see the evolution of performances beginning with Seoul Soul Festival in 2010. How will this affect future performances? Only time will tell. But I do hope he finds a good balance (of intensity and control vs. openness.)

    “For example, now I have a wider picture for my future solo album. I was obsessed in pushing R&B for my solo albums because people have a bias of me in doing the genre. I wasn’t able to find the music I really like doing.” This kind of confuses me. What? Did he not want to go in that direction before?

    Being the best = “More free person than anyone else doing music” — what does this even mean? I mean, I used to joke about his new idgaf attitude but it seems like that’s really what he’s about nowadays.

    “I love it. Working on this album was the happiest period of my life since my debut.” – And it certainly shows. I wonder what the aha! moment was that changed his perspective on things.

    His resolution of Taeyang the solo artist and Taeyang of Big Bang –It was so palpable this time around – like he felt total ownership of this whole promo of BB (not just his part of it.) His level of personal investment was so much higher. I’d like to believe that doesn’t mean less drive for solo work and just means he’s putting more into Big Bang. Whatever it is is paying off though – I’ve loved this whole Alive promo.

        1. Luffy, One Piece main protagonist: “I’m Monkey D. Luffy and I am going to be king of the pirates. I just think the guy with the most freedom in this whole ocean… is the Pirate King!

    1. Ah, I’m a bit slow. I think he meant that he was obsessed with R&B before because he wanted to give people what they wanted. He wanted to please them and then ended up ignoring other exciting opportunities – which he wants to explore now. Not that he didn’t like it, but that he was so focused on being the R&B singer that everyone said he was.

      Oh and related to that Black Swan discussion we had in the 2011 GQ interview when we said that he identified with Nina but felt drawn to be like Lily? Well, looks like he’s Lily now.

  2. i’m happy that he can enjoy everything what he do..but i feel worry if i think about new taeyang, his new music, his new image, his new concept, his new attitude, his new personality…i don’t know.. maybe , because he always consistent about everything so i just worry about his changing…but i always try to remember that he said :” i will pay you back with better music and performance..and never be changing, i’ll be taeyang with the same determination when you first heard my music”..remember it make me still trust him that he will give us better music and performance.. #sorryformybadenglish..

  3. black music black music black music
    That’s really annoying. But I like him mentioning how he’s no longer holding back, which explains the hyper behavior in performances. I love it.

  4. Always love these insightful interviews!!! I don’t mind him listening and maybe considering singing a different genre of music, but I am not sure how I digest the quote that Bluemaid is concerned about as well. Black music = YB, so YB followed suit, thus the birth of SOLAR…? I thought he has always been pretty influenced by RnB? I want to think it’s a meaning lost in translation of some sort though…

    You can tell that he’s excited by the response he gave to the interviewer’s questions… Hahaha, very nice reporting 😀

    I’m excited for the world tour too, I hope I can finally get to meet my favourite stars live!!!! >v<

  5. Now he’s got spunk and yea like bluemaid said, the idaf attitude. Like others, the new him (fun, random dancing, dougie X100000000, high energy on stage during BB promos) felt weird at first but it does show that he doesn’t really care what others think anymore… Think this attitude will spur him further in the biz and will keep him going for long. Celebs need this for longevity, especially to bounce back… But again, like what bluemaid, he’s gotta find a good balance between control and totally free. He is still in the (Korean) entertainment biz after all where perfect image is idolized and is part of what helps sell your music/products….

    The part where he said bout R&B songs…well, I still do hope there’s some in his new album! lol! I really think he should keep doing what he’s good at and keep going at it.

    Well, the main gist I got from the article : He doesn’t give a f anymore and he loves big bang.

    1. Now that I think bout it, I doubt he’ll go far from R&B/Hip Hop and the likes. For eg, bad boy is totally his fav from the alive album… lol.

  6. I think it took me a good 20 minutes to read this interview. I can really sense how much he’s changed..or evolved as a musician, and as a person.

    “the first recordings are the best when recording tracks. You could come out with better versions in terms of techniques, but the final decision is always the first file you recorded.” <– I remember him mentioning in a previous interview that for his Solar album, he recorded and re-recorded his tracks to make sure it was 'perfect'. I'm so glad he has this new mindset when recording, b/c I've always believed that emotion in a song overrides technique.

    "I was obsessed in pushing black music for my solo albums because people have a bias of me in doing the genre. I wasn't able to find the music I really like doing" <— Like many of you, I was confused by this statement. All this time, I thought he pursued R&B and Hip Hop b/c he enjoyed it, and felt passionate about the genre (isn't that what he has been saying in his prev interviews??). Don't really know what to make of this…it kinda felt like he was complaining about it. To think that he felt restricted b/c of his image…hmm.

    "Before, I calculated my moves not to influence my breathing to sing better. I had to do that to feel satisfied. But all I think about now is giving off a good energy on stage." <— Although it's good that he feels more free when performing & is enjoying the stage (when he's perf w/ high energy, the audience will also feel the same), I hope he doesn't forget that he's a singer first and foremost. I hope he finds the balance btwn having a strong vocal and performing on stage. (I rmr watching an interview w/ Beyonce, & someone asked her how she finds that balance between singing and dancing. She replied that she is a singer, and would never compromise her vocal to follow choreography). Obv it's easier to do when performing in a group b/c he has limited lines, but it's important to note during his solo promos.

    This post kinda sounds like a mother giving advice to her son…. But overall, I really am glad that YB is letting go (the man wants to be free. lol). The interviewer mentioned YB's stage presence during his debut days, & how energetic it was. I am happy to hear that he is going back to that feeling in the future. I am anticipating his album even more now. Although there's all this change he's going through, I still think he will stick to his roots.

    1. Just musing: I wonder if the early success of HOT and the praise for his “R&B” type voice early in career actually made him feel pressured to stick to that? The funny thing is, the focus has actually been really good for the quality of his solo work I think. And from his twitter music recommendations, I can still see that his taste in music is still very heavy R&B so there is no doubting his partiality for the genre. I too thought it odd that he mentions feeling boxed in so much. Perhaps it was just the strain of living up to expectations? (And having been in this fandom a while, I know that his fans have had very high expectations of him. Like Tiger Moms. Or should we say we are “Tiger Fans?” Maybe he’s going through a rebel phase because of the pressure?)
      Aaah. Change is always exciting and scary at the same time.

  7. I’ve read the interview so many times already, and I still feel lost. Haven’t really been able to completely digest the article. Guess I need to really just sit down in a quiet place and read through it again.

    The only thing I know is, 2006 YB is a totally different person from 2008 YB who’s different from 2010 YB who’s different from 2012 YB. It’s apparent how much change he’s gone through. He’s gone from the innocent, naive, over-thinking boy to the confident, free, who-cares-what-others-think man. It’ll be interesting to see what changes the next two years will bring about.

  8. i’m kind of unsure. I kind of skimmed this article but what i am getting is that everything about what I loved about him was all his insecurities, shy pureness that he got over and now he is trying to be more confident and free. All the stuff I loved about him in the past he sees as stupid and naive and he is changing all that. I don’t know if this kind of thinking is right but it worries me. As if he thought his past albums did not protray his style but rather what pressured him and I was led to believe that that was his true style but it wasn’t. I feel fooled almost? thoughts?

    1. it’s like half n half. yea he wanted to change how he used to be, he’s said it a lot. On the past albums it’s not so much that they didn’t portray his style, but only part of what he could be since even though he liked the genre/style, he liked others also but he’s been boxed in with his past appeal/focus in the one. it’s not like he lied or anything just growing up n expanding. I mean look back at ur past and i’m sure you’ll find things you thought were cool then but are stupid now.

      But honestly if you feel fooled from something like this you really are a fool. You’ll never completely know what’s going on with someone other than what they want to let you know. Even more so with a Celeb because it’s what they want to let you know + what the company wants you to know. Even know with this 1 interview we all barely know whats going on with him, as sincere or insincere it is, it’s pretty much a drop in the ocean. or something like that.

      dunno if it’ll make sense to yall.

      1. lol if YB looks back at his old self and feels a bit foolish, I wonder what he is going to feel when he looks back at his present day self 5 years from now?

    2. Honestly I was also taken a back at first. But I think that he made the best choices he could for himself at the time and doesn’t really regret them. It’s just that he has discovered a much bigger world now and wants to explore it more and in the past he may have hesitated to do so for various reasons. As others have said, he’s grown and his perspective is different.

      Also as jquest said, we never really see the whole picture so there could be a lot of reasons for his points in the interview: preparing fans to expect more changes from him, his wanting freedom from the (admittedly) restricted image idols have to maintain, feeling more brave as he discovers a new international audience who may be more open and accepting of changes. Or he could just be looking at expanding his listener base beyond R&B. One positive way of looking at it is maybe he has decided to trust fans more that they will be supportive, but even if they don’t, it is worth the risk of being more true to himself so he can have a better and happier relationship with the ones who do stay. (And hopefully, also make new fans in the process.)

    3. Your comment really got me thinking. It’s interesting, how much more an artist is to us fans. Much more than simply the music.

      I don;t know if fooled is the right word to use…more of an evolution, I think. Now that he is a seasoned (in the kpop realm) performer, I believe the lack of confidence he felt as a rookie is slowly starting to wither, which happens to everyone. It’s actually pretty amazing how we can witness it first hand, seeing him evolve as a performer.

      In terms of his music, I think John is right; it doesn;t necessarily mean he did not like the music he was doing, but b/c right after HOT was released, ppl coined him (excuse the term, but that’s what the press named him) korea’s black vocal. And like bluemaid mentioned, judging by his song recommendations on twitter, and the producers he collaborated with in the States, I still think he has a big passion of R&B music. Maybe he will delve into some rock, or incorporate dubstep or electronica into some of his songs (like Just A Feeling), but I don’t think you have to worry about him abandoning R&B and HipHop just yet.

    4. I understand where you are coming from. It took some adjusting for me to get used to the more free YB, but I don’t think that he was trying to deceive anyone. I think the music in his past albums were honest and the best that he could portray of himself at that given time. He has grown as a person since then, and now feels differently about his persona and his outlook on how he approaches music/life. His out look will also probably change in the future as well. I think it will be fun and interesting to how his change in perspective will translate into his music. Crosses fingers, that it means good things are to come.

    5. Yeah I do believe that he has been true to his style but with the addition to other peoples expectations. Of course there is only so much he can sh

  9. I was left speechless after I read this interview. It was deep and insightful and I didn’t know what to think. I like the fact that he was really open and honest about how he felt, being in between and unsure of what he wanted and what he thought he should be. It seems like he found himself, if not, at least he’s in the correct path. I like this… um.. very positive mindset he has. I was quite confused though of what he said about his past albums..

    Free. Freedom. It makes me really curious about what genre his album is going to lean to.

  10. Yeah I think he has been pretty much true to his style but with the addition to other peoples expectations. And of course there is only so much of him that he will choose to share with the public. It was just the part of the interview where he said alOng the lines of people are unfamiliar with the new me but that’s the way it is now cuz of what I saw myself from the past. And he was right. I am unfamiliar with the new him and I loved his beliefs and the way he handled his image throughout his whole solo career as of now. To think that image was only because he thought that is what people wanted and not fully feeling true to himself makes me wonder how much did he feel constrained? Just a bit unsure how much he change/ evOlve away from all of that.

  11. Great discussion going on. Love it that these conversations are back on ATY. With that, I guess I’ll respond to everyone’s bewilderment or at least everyone’s curiosity generated by this article, with something more on the personal side. Skip if you do not like melodramatics on the Korean-drama caliber.

    I always find YB’s interviews a little haunting, not only because of the depth he brings to it, but how much of what he says resonates with me, with what goes on with my life. (See: https://alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com/2011/03/31/interview-gq-april-2011-big-bang-%E2%80%93-taeyang/) I think in the last two years, since his solo album, YB has been experience some growing pains – some realizations about life, his career, and relationships – as he is getting older and hopefully more wiser. And with that, YB is still trying to define his voice is as we all struggle with defining who we are, what our values are, what we stand for, as we age. And there comes a point when these thoughts are too much of a burden because so much of who you think you are is influenced by what people expect from you. At that point, you just want to be FREE – let your hair grow out, act a little crazy, enjoy the moment when it comes, and as Bluemaid, appropriately said, adopt an IDGAF-attitude. I understand YB’s desire to push the envelop – to tread on a path he/people do not expect him to. Trying to satisfy everyone else is exhausting.

    This change worries us because we are so comfortable with the YB we all know, we like the music he has produced in the past and don’t know what to expect for the future album. But I say, welcome the change, it is much more interesting and satisfying to follow an artist that continues to grow. I’m confident that with whatever direction YB takes, he’ll at least treat it with the honesty and sincerity it deserves.

    1. I can’t agree more on what you just said. Let us welcome the change in YB with open minds, hearts and arms!

  12. I’m late to the party!

    As usual, 10asia interviews are the best. I had been noticing a lot of changes about Taeyang and I was wondering what sparked it. Now that I see it comes from somewhere positive, (this whole interview is so positive and confident!) I’m glad. I think me and Taeyang have somewhat similar personalities and I think I totally understand where he is coming from. I do tend to portray a certain image to people which can be frustrating because it isn’t /totally/ me but at the same time I don’t want to disappoint people so I just go with it. But if we want to be psychological about it, we can also say it is a defense mechanism lol. I think Taeyang is gaining more confidence in expressing himself but is still fundamentally the same person.

    As for the musical stuff, I had been bracing myself for change ever since he name-dropped Skrillex as a musician he likes lately. At first I was reluctant because I’m infatuated with Solar and HOT, but now I’m excited. I’m sure he won’t stray too much from the R&B genre but there will probably be a wider variety of genres incorporated in his upcoming solo. As I listened to Alive, I realized that Taeyang’s voice IS R&B; it always adds the R&B feel and ‘groove’ to almost any song. So I’m excited to see how he grounds new genres with that same ‘feel’. (I hope I’m making sense LOL this is hard to explain…)

    Anyway. It seems Tae is taking his new catch phrases (Stay Positive, Be Real) to heart in 2012. I’m excited to see him gain confidence and curious to see how all these changes will translate into his solo album.

  13. With his new free attitude, I’m really excited to when he will roll out his next solo album! Unlike his previous solo releases, I feel like this time around he will be less stressed and much more of just having a great time with his promotions. During his Solar promotions, I felt so bad for him when he mentioned his insomnia and constant worries, but I think now he realizes that if he’s not having fun with his music then what’s the point. There has to be a common ground between him and his audiences, I know that many people has now depicted him as a “black vocalist”, but as an artist shouldn’t he have his artistic freedom? There is no harm in trying out new material, in my opinion R&B will forever be his main passion but Taeyang has so much potential in everything, and I think he’s beginning to realize that 🙂

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