“Music Program Contestants, Athletes… Everybody likes Taeyang”

Kpop Star’s  Lee Michelle wants to work with Taeyang

이날 방송에서 “앞으로 정식 데뷔하면, 함께 작업하고 싶은 선배는 누구냐?“는 질문을 던지자 박지민은 리쌍의 개리, 이미쉘은 태양, 이하이는 TOP, 백아연은 린을 선택했다. (source )

In today’s episode (5/11), a question is thrown out asking, “When you’ve officially debuted in the future, who do you want to work with?”. Park Ji Min answers with LeeSang’s Gary, Lee Michelle chooses Taeyang, Lee Ha Yi picks TOP, and Baek Ah Yeon chosses Lyn.

Baek chungkang,winner of MBC “Birth of Great Star”, wants to be like Taeyang

그렇다면 솔로가수로 활동했던 이들 중 가장 닮고 싶어하는 가수는 누구일까. 그는 주저없이 빅뱅의 멤버 태양을 이야기했다. “만약 댄스곡을 하게 된다면 태양의 ‘나만 바라봐’ 스타일이 너무 좋을 것 같아요. 태양선배님의 무대를 볼때마다 너무 매력적이라고 생각하거든요. 저 역시 꾸준히 노력해서 그만큼의 사랑을 받고 싶어요.” (source)

If so, who is the solo artist you liked that you want to work with the most. Without hesitation, he says Big Bang’s Taeyang. “If I were to dance to a song, I think Taeyang’s “Look Only at Me” style is so great. Whenever I see Taeyang-sunbaenim’s performances on stage, I will always think it’s so charming/fascinating. I’m working hard as well. I want to get that much love (from people).”

Yoo sung eun (The Voice of Korea) Likes Taeyang, 2NE1, Bigbang, YoonMirea and Ali

아이돌 음악과 가수을 좋아한다는 유성은은 “특히 2NE1과 빅뱅, 알리, 윤미래, 태양을 좋아한다. (source)

Beloved idol of songs and singing, Yoo Seung Eun, “I particularly like 2NE1 and Big Bang, Ailee, Yoon Mi Rae, and Taeyang.”

Football player Wesley Alves likes Taeyang and Hyuna among Korean singers

브라질출신 강원FC 선수 웨슬리씨가 숙소 공개하는 영상에 좋아하는 한국 가수로 태양이랑 현아를 뽑음. (source)

Brazilian player of GangWonFC, Mr. Wesley says in a video that he likes Korean singers Taeyang and HyunA.


source: ybmaniaofficial on twitter
translated by: @vVIP_6819 | youremytaeyang

(Source: ybmania.com)

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