Taeyang with Big Bang for North Face – Never Stop Dreaming MV

From TheNorthFaceKorea

I like this version of the North Face Song a little better than the first one, and like the overall message of hope it has for everyone, whatever your circumstances. Looking forward to succeeding versions of the CF for the campaign. Everyone looks great too – Taeyang always does look more comfortable when he can be active and run around to his heart’s content (not to mention athletic and casual outdoor wear always suits him well.)

6 thoughts on “Taeyang with Big Bang for North Face – Never Stop Dreaming MV”

  1. I love the 2nd part of the MV where everyone jumped around, cheering and they got under the flag and all that because it looked like so much fun and I wanted to be there so badly LOL.. I hear a lot of YB in the song and i’ll never mind. Not so much of DS or SR though. Anyone else?

    1. i wasn’t surprised that daeri didn’t have much part in the song(YG should like,let Daeri have sub unit already just to satisfy our curiousity lol).if you notice,all CFs were sang dominantly by YB.maybe the song fit his voice best,idk.one thing for sure tho,it’s the advertisers decision.

  2. I thought he sounded great! His tone of voice felt like he really meant it with all his heart – to never stop dreaming. This is gonna sound cheesy, but i was really really moved by his singing in this clip. lol. i bought the ‘never stop dreaming’ msg right after hearing him sing that part. That tone he had…

    Love this ad!


  4. For some reason I’m remindied of Teletubbies yet again with the jackets they were all wearing… I love the song, it is a lot better than the first North Face song they sang. Catchy, gives you hope, and makes you feel better 😀

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