Big Bang performs Fantastic Baby for the 2012 Yeosu Expo Opening (120511)

Big Bang performed Fantastic Baby at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Yeosu Expo.

*Tip: Click on the youtube icon on the video to watch directly on youtube, in case you cannot watch the embedded video.

These type of events are both an honor and a bit tricky for artists since the crowd is much more formal and you don’t get a lot of the cheers you normally do with a lot of fans in attendance.  Big Bang pulls it off with a lot of energy and enthusiasm though and I like how Taeyang always seems to make it a personal mission to represent well when in front of an international crowd like this.

Thanks to sfuza14 for the upload!

5 thoughts on “Big Bang performs Fantastic Baby for the 2012 Yeosu Expo Opening (120511)”

  1. I dunno what’s wrong with Taeyang’s fashion nowadays haha..
    I mean all is well, though I think he should cut his hair shorter again or try a different style :D.. But these pants I’ve seen him wearing during Alive promos.. Just don’t do it for me, sorry Bae :s..
    Please come back to your RnB senses xD!!

    1. Actually I really like his hair now (and find it odd sometimes looking back at his old mohawk from a few months before Alive promos started.) I admit his pants game for this promo has been hit and miss with me — I’ve loved some (most of the baggy ones and the different silver ones) and hated others (the black and white half and half and the zebra print skinnies.) They’ve all been unusual and interesting (and somewhat startling) though and he looks mighty comfy which is a plus.

      Oh and I really liked the silver and black military inspired jackets they have on here. I was just thinking to myself that overall I liked that BB kept on switching up the fashion for every performance and just didnt do a different color way for the same style (like they did back in the Sunset Glow days.) It’s made me look forward to the performances more.

  2. they’re so tired.poor babies T_T i think this is probably the weakest FB perf they’ve done.
    YB in the airport fan cam looked like he just got dragged away from bed.

    they looked dashing in their military inspired jackets tho.

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