Big Bang says thanks for the MTV TRL “Best Fan” Award

Big Bang (or is it their fans?) recently won the “Best Fan” award at the 2012 MTV TRL Awards held in Florence, Italy last May 6.  Big Bang couldn’t make it to Europe this time, but gave a shoutout on the official site:

Looks like they had that message ready just in case they won. (Maybe they had a good feeling about it?)  Taeyang also went on twitter to say thanks (here and here.)  Congratulations to Big Bang and all the fans who voted!

11 thoughts on “Big Bang says thanks for the MTV TRL “Best Fan” Award”

  1. Every time I see an english video message from Taeyang I’m struck how far he’s come from that first BB youtube message –

    I personally appreciate all the effort he and the rest of BB are taking to reach out to all their fans from all over. And I love seeing him improve bit by bit. Slow and steady is paying off.

    1. I think his accent is cute. People do have accents depending on where they come from so I don’t expect him to sound American or English or whatever seeing as he grew up in Korea. He might sound a bit awkward since its probably scripted but otherwise I thought he was very easy to understand. I do notice that he’s much more comfortable and confident speaking and much less self-conscious, which is the best thing to be if you are trying to learn.

    1. that’s not really a confidence thing, it’s more of a ~it’s his 1st language and flows out naturally kind of thing.

  2. he sounds alright, you can tell he was reading something lol so usually thats how it is right? when you’re reading off something or re saying something set for you to read

  3. He has come a long long way with his English. And his accent is cute, hahahah! He’s definitely improving each time I hear him speak English, so he’s making progress!!! Keep it up YB! Peace! 😉

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