[Feature] Covers! (Some new and some old, and some fanmade videos too)

Realized that we haven’t done one of these posts in a while:

David So and Paul Kim : I Need a Girl

More after the cut:

And some old favorites that we never featured:

Penn China Music Society : Wedding Dress

JuNCurryAhn: River Flows in You – Yiruma/ Wedding Dress

Some fanmade videos that were pretty cute:

wMILENAw: Superstar

wMILENAw: Take It Slow

Any new /old covers or fanmade Taeyang videos that you want to share? There seem to be new ones every day.

5 thoughts on “[Feature] Covers! (Some new and some old, and some fanmade videos too)”

  1. thanks so much bluemaid 🙂
    tbh, i don’t love INAG as much as other hit songs of YB. But after seeing many covers of that song, i’ve realized how great it is.
    love all these covers !!!

  2. I love posts like these! Makes me happy to see YB so appreciated by the fans.

    I liked the INAG cover. Their voices brought a totally different feel to the song.

    The Yiruma/YB violin cover. Such a coincidence! I just watched this a couple of days ago. And my mind is still in awe after watching it again.

    I enjoyed the TIS fan-made mv. Seems like they tried to make it match the song as much as possible. The ending though, with just YB walkin away and looking all melancholy, makes me think they tried to make it as more of a flashback of a love lost or something.

  3. not sure if you guys have seen this. one of the best dance cover ever for wedding dress imo. very smooth and has got an awesome flow. it’s a shame the video is of low quality.

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