Big Bang says Goodbye on Inkigayo (120429)

It’s the final official stage for Alive on Inkigayo, and true to their name Big Bang went out with a bang.

Fantastic Baby

Bad Boy

Doing an upgraded version of last week’s military theme, the boys looked resplendent in their silver and black finery. Taeyang must have been happy since it’s a lot like his favorite Chrome Hearts gear. Such a fun stage too!

I did like the Bad Boy performance just a bit more though. Too bad we only got the girls for this stage because it was a great way to switch up the choreography. Strangely enough, the stage (and costumes) reminded me a lot of Big Bang when they just debuted. Something about the performance and the whole vibe  just felt nostalgic. And what about those huge smiles!


13 thoughts on “Big Bang says Goodbye on Inkigayo (120429)”

  1. lol at YB throwing his beanie at the end of Bad Boy and getting it back at the end of the show (at the beginning of the 3rd video.) Pleasantly surprised he did it considering his past complex about hat hair. So happy he’s so laid back about it now.

  2. Too tired to do too long of a comment this time 🙂

    Fantastic Baby-styling was amazing. Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous. Loved the little tweaks they did to the performance

    Bad Boy-styling reminded me of pre-debut GDYB. Loved that they added the dancers this time. Anyone else notice that YB was the only one without a girl? Hahaa

    Winner Announcement-Adorkable, I’m-really-5-yrs-old Big Bang. Maybe they really like Sistar? They definitely seemed excited enough for them. What kind of example are they setting for their hoobaes? Running and jumping around like that? 🙂
    Also, I thought it was so cute that YB asked for him beanie back after he threw it. No idea why I think it’s cute, I just do.

    So now that I can’t expect a weekly performance of YB singing and dancing and just outright performing amazingly, YG definitely needs to release the tour dates to make me happy again.

    1. Yes, during Bad boy performance i wondered why YB didnt get a girl for himself like other boys? LOL “forever alone” is that the right words?
      To be honest, i found them a lit bit crazy & childish when Sistar had award acceptance. But, that’s how is BB (especially YB) is. I wonder what made them so happy, maybe they really liked the Sistar girls or they just showed the love & thankfulness to VIPs. Anyway, I love them for enjoying the stages and being who they really are. Thanks YB for all of the emotional perfs you have given ❤

    1. Saw these gifs about 50 times, yet I still end up laughing til my tummy hurts. I need to save this in my archives. ROOOFLLL. This man. I don’t even know what to say. Where he gets these bursts of energy from, i’ll never know.

  3. YB teasing fans again as he’s leaving Inkigayo:

    He was on some sort of speaker saying “”I’m sorry i can’t lower the window. Sorry.” And then he does and waves. Haha.


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