An ATY reader shares her fanaccount of Vietnam’s Soundfest 2012

Fan account below the cut:

About the performance, I felt it lacked a little something. I didn’t know exactly what – but I felt that. Maybe they were in a hurry. If only the boys hadn’t been in a hurry and tired due to flying back and forth, I think they would have performed better. Out of 4 foreign artists, Big Bang could have been the third performer but for some reasons (mostly because organizers wanted to settle the crowd), Big Bang was the first one to perform. I was shocked at that time. When MCs said “I say Big, you say…” The crowd started to go crazy. They shouted ” Bang” so loud.

One thing I impressed by the concert is the number of fanboys. I am sure no boy bands has more fanboys than Big Bang. They are as crazy as fangirls (lol.)
And YB was the first one to appear on the stage. I couldn’t believe it. I thought they would be perform later. I was not ready to watch them live (LOL.) YB and Big Bang was really in front of me! YB was really full of energy. He danced all the time, everywhere he could. I laughed so hard when seeing him spin a lot. Swan queen hahaha. Some of my friends said that he and GD owned the stage well.

About his voice, until now I haven’t seen any fancam yet. I want to keep his real voice for myself as long as possible. I never forget that precious moment. The audiences was so crazy, when they saw Big Bang on the stage, they didn’t stop singing and shouting. I stood at VIP section but there were a lot of pushing, everyone wanted to see them close. I was small and weak so I couldn’t see them and especially YB much. Also I couldn’t hear them sing clearly.

I remembered it was Fantastic Baby and YB sang the second bridge when I could really, really hear him sing live, no playback at all. And I was speechless. I knew his voice is so beautiful but I didn’t thought it was so deep, so thick like that. His voice is absolutely much more better live. Other members sang well also but I think his voice impressed me most. My only wish at that time was audiences were not too noisy and crazy so that I could hear his voice longer and clearer. Since then, I just stood, kept silent and tried to watch Big Bang perform till the end. I thought I understand why experts always appreciate and praise his talent and his vocal. I watched the music festival with some friends including a Daeholic, a TOP stan. Both of them agreed with me about YB voice (kekeke). They were amazed when hearing him sing live.

This time when coming to Vietnam, YB must have had a lot of new fans haha. He was always friendly to fans even though he was tired or not. And he was so random, for example dancing in the car haha. As we said before, the world finally knows what YB stans already knew – his sense of humor and friendliness to fans since some have the impression he is too shy or serious.

30 minutes wasn’t enough for me and many Vietnamese VIPs. I was not able to welcome him nor see him off at the airport but seeing him live and hear him sing was an unforgettable memory for me.

Additional tidbit:

There was an online article mentioning YB about when a fan approached him backstage. He was willing to take a photo with her but his manager and security prevented it. See the photos and original article here.

“This time when coming to Vietnam, Big Bang had a hectic schedule and they seemed to stay in Vietnam for approximately 24 hours. Therefore, approaching Big Bang were very difficult. But 5 members of Big Bang were always friendly to Vietnamese fans. Seung Ri updated his me2day praising “Pho” and spoke Vietnamese on the stage which melt many fans. Meanwhile, Tae Yang always waved and smiled to fans whenever seeing them following Big Bang. Even we witnessed he happily posed with a fan girl.

After performing, Big Bang were accompanied by security backstage but a fan who loved Tae Yang so much bravely ran to him to ask for a photo. Immediately he took off his glasses and talked to her. As soon as Tae Yang knew this fan wanted to take a photo with him, he quickly did a cute pose. Unfortunately, security and Tae Yang’s manager were not happy about it so they prevented her. Anyway, the girl was the only lucky Vietnamese fan who could approach and posed with idol at very close distance.”

Thanks to Hoabay for sharing her experience (and the article translation) with us!


9 thoughts on “An ATY reader shares her fanaccount of Vietnam’s Soundfest 2012”

  1. Two things that struck me about this fanaccount: I’ve heard multiple fan accounts from Korean fans who say that TY does sound different live, and that broadcast manages to change his voice somehow. It’s made me much more determined to hear him live. Crossing my fingers that I’m going to be there at his next concert.

    The second thing is about fan service. TY is really very friendly towards fans, sometimes I worry that fans might become too pushy and expect him to accommodate their requests every time. He’s known for being really nice, but security protocol does limit his interaction with fans and I hope that fans respect that (especially as he and BB will get to travel more for the tour.) I also sometimes worry since he doesn’t usually have a lot of security usually (just a manager) so you can see that YG puts a lot of trust that fans will behave properly and respectfully. Hopefully nothing happens to change that.

    1. Wow…..what a coincidence! I was reminding myself earlier to ask you if hoabay ever did a fanaccount. And here it is! Hahaah

      I’m with you on the lives BM. We all heard how people say he sounds TOTALLY different, in the best possible way, live compared to broadcasted shows. That’s why I’m trying my hardest to see him live for his next solo concert. (Whenever that’ll be YG!!!!)

      I’ve noticed that fans, YB’s at least, tend to be pretty respectful of him and his bodyguards/manager. They don’t bombard him crazily or anything. A lot of times, it seems like they admire him from afar. And I think it speaks a lot about YB that he’s always willing to smile and talk and take photos with his fans. But like you said, I hope his fans continue to remain respectful and mindful of his welfare.

  2. Cool. Glad to here storys of their travels.glad some girls got to enjoy him close up.he is dope *Cool”. OXXX

  3. Thanks BM for posting my fanacc although it did not have a lot of details *facepalm*.

    There were many things happened on that day but Youngbae’s voice was the only thing I remembered lol. Even until now it stucks in my mind. Like many people here, I also want to go to Seoul to attend his concert. Can’t imagine how happy I am when hearing him live for more than 2 hours of the concert.

    1. wow.thanks for sharing your fanaccount:)
      i hope you’ll share again for the alive tour:)
      yes,youngbae’s unique voice is really something.i hope when they’ll have a concert,you will not be for his stage presence of this late,he’s totally not in the shadows of the other members anymore.GD,no questions ask.he was totally charismatic and breathtaking on stage.

      just in case you haven’t read the ALIVE review by koreantimes this is what they thought of him:

      ‘Though the smallest in stature among the five, he had the most stage presence; even when he was not singing, all eyes were naturally drawn to him; there was always something happening. It was obvious how much he loved being on stage, giving his all, reveling in the well-deserved cheers the adoring crowd was showering him with.

      His Usher-like t-shirt ripping could be limited to just once for the evening, though.

      The Live Nation band was a welcome addition and provided great enhancements to songs like “Fantastic Baby,” “Bad Boy” and especially “Blue.” The Olympic Gymnastics Stadium’s usual horrifying acoustics notwithstanding, they proved why music should be experienced in a live concert. ‘
      -By Kwaak Je-yup

      i ommited the parts of the other members because i thought it was a little bit

      i hope you’ll enjoy Youngbae and the concert to its fullest^^

  4. Great fan account and so lucky that you got to see him sing live!!! I’m more than ever determined to see him in his solo concert now… Fingers crossed YG’s schedule and mine don’t clash like it always does for that x(><)x

  5. I was at this concert (Yes. I’m a Vietnamese boy) and as much as I love BB, I also went there for Taio Cruz, who performed later that night. But the sad thing was that I believe most of people were at the concert just for BB. After the BB gig, a lot of people went home. And when came the Taio’s gig, many people didn’t cheer like they did with BB. I was kinda bummed because of that

    1. I think I understand your sadness but one of reasons why so many people left after BB’s performances was they were too tired to stay at the stadium TT.TT. And so was I.

      We went to the stadium on the morning and after many hours of waiting, we are exhausted. Another problem was the weather. I think not only Big Bang but also many Vietnamese people who are not from the South (I am from Hanoi) was not used to the hot weather of Ho Chi Minh city.
      And you know, when Big Bang performed, there were a lot of pushing. We are girls and we are not as weak as boys. So as soon as Big Bang finished their performances, I could not be at the stadium anymore and had to leave. I also felt sorry for not watching the concert till the end.

      And as toozdae said, it was partly the organizer’s fault. They took a lot of time to settle the crowd so the concert could not go on as schedule.

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