Taeyang mentions Solo Album on AnAn Magazine

Taeyang spoke about his solo album as part of an interview Big Bang did for AnAn Magazine. An excerpt below:

Aim to be an unprecedented artist who is recognized like ‘SOL=music’

“This album is an innovative work for Big Bang.
Reflecting that we had been mindful of the trends too much[previously], all of the members have [now] given their opinions, and each one’s individuality was brought to the fore.”

SOL, who leads Big Bang’s music with his smooth voice, is a talented singer collaborating with various artists.

“I’ve been preparing my solo album since last year, so I hope to release it this year. The songs and the concept image were already set. All I have to do is wait for meeting a title song.”

It’s much awaited news as a fan.  By the way, what does ‘waiting for a song’ mean?

“Recently, I realized that music is not made but gathered. If I make it against my will, sometimes it goes different directions from my thoughts or color. I think when the music is naturally made with good intuition, it could be conveyed to people’s hearts.”

SOL, who is growing up as Big Bang’s spiritual prop, as well as an artist. What’s your future goal?

“I don’t have a specific goal, but as I’m free in music and I myself am music and dance -I wish to be that kind of person. And I wish I could be a being who gives hope to people.”


And another little excerpt..

Q4: Among books you recently read, movie, or fashion, what’s your favorite?

I’m into scarves or bandanas these days.

from Korean Translation by YBMania
English translation by Myokoon of alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com
Please do not remove credit when taking elsewhere.

Wow. Sooo excited. Not that we are any closer to an actual date, but at least we know why.  Happy that he’s taking his time and opting to go with the flow. I’ve said it before.. good music is worth the wait.

And about the bandanas… hm, you don’t say?


26 thoughts on “Taeyang mentions Solo Album on AnAn Magazine”

  1. This is good news though I’d like to hear more from Big Bang as a group the entire year. Does anyone else this his picture up there is cute? Sleepy/dazed YB haha

    I think when the music is naturally made with good intuition, it could be conveyed to people’s hearts.” I don’t want to have expectation that are too high, but I hope he’s closer to searching his own color in music like what he wanted B)

  2. Ahhhh finally! SOMETHING about his solo album. So just waiting on the title track? That’s means the album is basically done. And he’s been working with sooooooo many people on it. Ahaxlghksjahalsfkhalsk……..argh!!!!!! No more words for me about this.

    But I’m happy that he’s not forcing anything. Just let it come naturally. His passion and love for music will always shine through.

    And gee YB…….I had no idea you were into scarves and bandanas! No clue!!! 🙂

    1. Also, I loves this AnAn shoot. All of the members look freaking gorgeous. And I love how innocent YB looks there. Like a little sleepy baby.

  3. Oh, hopefully he’ll have a chance to release it this year, seeing how busy Big Bang’s schedule is this year with the world tour. YG probably will find a way somehow. Can’t wait to hear new music from him and to see who he’s been working with and collaborated with. (Although we may have known a few like Lydia Paek & Choice37). 😛

  4. please let not the concept be of scarves and bandanas. lol.

    am really glad he’s taking it slow and not rushing for his songs though. i’m hoping he’ll make use of the piano well in his album or at least have one with a piano. i love it whenever he’s uses it.

  5. I already thought that the album was pretty much prepared. I was waiting for Bigbang album the most, now that the promotion are ending, I want his solo to be released right now ! lol
    With the maturity he has now, how his voice grown up , how he feels more confident : he will now be an accomplished rnb singer.
    Also, with the new rnb wave today (leading by Franck Ocean and other artists like The weeknd) which tends to go more old rnb (90’s), less pop/electro and adding a new flavor (coming from experimental/hipster music) : I really want to see how the album will sound like especially since Taeyang listen to those artists. I also remember he said he regrets old music and don’t fully enjoy music today, the kind of music that is too electronic… I hope there will be less “I’ll be there” and more “Take it slow” or “Just a feeling”.
    I hope Taeyang can somehow found his true colour which already started with “Solar”.

    Maybe I ask too much lol but I sincerly can’t wait for this album, I need new songs right now ! He sounds so good in “Alive”, I’m dying to see solo stuffs

    1. what a long comment ann!
      agree with you, i still want something like Take it slow or Just a feeling. LOL but i hope it wont be any trouble for the fans’ eyes if he keeps wearing bandanas 😉 kkk

  6. This is exciting. He is so much less stressed with this album than SOLAR so I’m excited for it. Also, he seems to have finally found himself and is now comfortable with who he is. Can’t wait to hear new music from him.

  7. OMG YES YES YESSS! This is great news, I’m really looking forward to the album, as always.

    Btw the pictures from AnAn of Tae (and the boys) were absolutely adorable and they came out so well!

    1. 😀 yeah!!! Me too, i just hope there will be songs like *take it slow* ^^ at least one, since this days is all about techno -.-‘

  8. so we got a GD solo in the summer and a BB full album towards the end of the year? where is YBs album gonna fit in? I hope if he does release an album this year that they dont rush promotions and stuff just to fit it in their hectic schedule….

  9. I kind of like the idea of him “waiting to meet his title song.” Not something I would expect from him (especially in light of BB’s packed schedule) but I can imagine that everyone would be happier with the results as compared with music created on a deadline. (Kind of like his attitude towards dating, I expect lol.) I guess after having such a hard time deciding on lead singles the last time, he’s hoping that this time will be easier and a natural choice will emerge.

    Oh there was another little blurb which we didn’t include in the post: “The epicure among the members, he enjoys gyudon and ramen.” lol, I feel bad that he has to diet all the time.

  10. Yes!! Something about his solo album!! Meeting a title song, hahaha I like that idea. Glad he’s taking things slow and going with the flow rather than determined to work out a title song.

    Though with how busy Big Bang is for this year, I wonder if it’ll actually come out within 2012… I’m keeping my fingers crossed though! XD

  11. YES YES YES. Honestly, I was kinda surprised to hear how complete everything is (even the concept!). Kinda figured he’d have a bunch of tracks to work with after collaborating with Harvey Mason, but I thought he was still in the beginning stages. Ugh, this news makes me so excited. I think we may finally hear the complete version of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1SS2jOnEDw

  12. i always have consistently happy feelings when i read interviews about him & his music, which keeps making me proud more & more to be a sol-mate. i know he won’t rush it because he has lots to bring for the fans & always desires to make music that touch people’s heart. truly think i can wait for the album when he’s really ready to be back, even if it would be much longer than expected.

  13. “The songs and the concept image were already set. All I have to do is wait for meeting a title song”

    Yeaah..!!can’t wait..can’t wait..can’t wait..!! i need YB’s new album..!!^^

    YB: baby..take it slow..baby..take it slow..baby let’s take it slow..

    oh..ok..i’ll be waiting for you^^

  14. i really hope the album have more ‘take it slow’ and ‘connection’ to it.but i’ll take whatever he can give.

  15. I remembered this interview today while watching the original mv for I need a girl, and it got me thinking. YB said the album would be out most likely this year. But I don’t think we have as long to wait as many may think. Because BB usual go into crunch time fine tuning their album, practicing choreography, filming mv’s etc in dec. and jan., so unless YG does another GD&TOP and VVIP release schedule (which I don’t see happening because fans would be super pissed with the short promotion time after 2 long years) So winter is out of the question. Rumors are saying that GD is coming out with his album in mid October. I think since both GD and Taeyang are BIG as solo artists, YG will want to spread out their promotions to give them breathing room, and let vip’s wallets rest. I also think YG will not put Taeyang in november right between Bigbang and G-dragon. It would wear him out! So my conclusion to all of this is that YB will make his comeback sometime in late summer after the Alive Tour wraps up, my guess being August. God help us if he doesn’t finish his album within that time frame!

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