Big Bang blooms on Inkigayo (120422)

Fantastic Baby

Bad Boy

Love the stylized military outfits of Fantastic Baby this time around. They looked great (and notably well rested.) And switching up the dance breaks was a cute and playful touch and is sure to be a fan favorite. Kudos to the guys for fanservice and keeping things interesting week in and week out.

The resort version of Bad Boy was equally fun in a different way. Taeyang’s summer-ready outfit stood out to me the most. He looked adorable, not the least because he was so relaxed, having fun and was all smiles.  Loved this performance.

Extra tidbit:

In a “paparazzi” themed segment where the hosts showed candid photos of different celebrities, our number one fangirl IU was waving around a TY photo (natch) and said she would take it home because she’s a fan.

Photo credits from YBManiaOffcial and WeHeartIU (Kira) on twitter.

6 thoughts on “Big Bang blooms on Inkigayo (120422)”

  1. omg,how is it possible that they gets better and better each week?
    i love that they always changes the dance break and i always looks forward who dances next.and most importantly,they’re having so much fun on stage!

    love bae’s outfit for both performances specially the one in FB.

  2. Oh, this was such a great episode!!!! Love the styling in both performances. Sounded great and were having lots of fun. Love the maknae dance plus the sneaky GDYB duo.

    And IU…….can you be any more adorable? She definitely puts other fangirls to shame.

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