2012 Birthday Support Projects

May 18 is fast approaching and we all know what this means – Taeyang is turning 25 (yes, Korean age)! This year is a little different since for the first time, some of Taeyang’s Korean fansites have opened up their birthday projects to international fans.  We thought hard about whether or not to do our own gifting project, but since we want to support their reaching out to international fans, we have decided to throw our support behind them to make a bigger impact rather than by fundraising for separate gifts.

More details below the cut

YBMania’s Birthday and Solo Support Fundraising Projects

Here is the english translation about both projects.

YBMania is offering to package and deliver letters and gifts for YB’s birthday, so those who want can send it in through them.  Tweet @YBManiaOfficial or email them at ybmania@hanmail.net for where to send them.

In a separate project, they are also fundraising for support projects for his solo activities (and they have super projects like this and the Real Sound shirt YB liked so much.) Paypal details are also included in the project description.

Urthesun’s Birthday Support Project

Includes English translation about the project.

Urthesun is also collecting donations through paypal for a Birthday support project and can accept gifts and letters too.  You may have seen their projects under the “I (heart) YB” logo. Check the link above or email sayingyb@naver.com for details.

So to everyone who wants to send a letter or gift – send it their way please. (Especially letters!) They are long time supporters of YB and have awesome projects. Let’s support each other in the fandom to make Taeyang’s birthday an unforgettable one!

ATY may still do a much simpler message project this year but we are still working out the details.  We’ll post it up soon once it’s finalized.


3 thoughts on “2012 Birthday Support Projects”

  1. i hope i can spend time to do something for YB this year. i’ve grown even fonder of him year after year and am just so thankful for his existence and for him being him. i still wish i could go to japan on 18 may to celebrate with him. YB ❤ forever

  2. both fansite were great in sharing things to us.and i’m glad at last they reach out to us for this project.i know ivips are saving their money for the alive world tour.next year we will be more prepared.

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