Taeyang with Big Bang at Vietnam’s Coca-Cola Soundfest (120414)

2,000 enthusiastic fans at the airport and a huge (some say 30,000 strong) crowd at Ho Chi Minh City’s Phu Tho Outdoor Stadium — Big Bang certainly got a lot of love from fans during their quick stop at Vietnam last April 14 for the Coca Cola Soundfest.  It was a short but memorable visit for Big Bang and Taeyang was his usual friendly and energetic self inspite of the hectic schedule and hot weather.

Leaving for Vietnam at Incheon

Uploaded by urthsun

Upon arrival, Big Bang went straight to the performance venue from the airport for a last minute rehearsal.

Uploaded by Thinh Hoang

And after rehearsal

Where does he get his energy?

After a quick stop to eat some pho the next day, Big Bang was one of the headline acts of the festival that included Taio Cruz and Tata Young among other Vietnamese and international artists. Taeyang glowed on stage with his tan.

After 6 Songs: (Tonight, Hands Up, Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby, Lies and Last Farewell) the boys made a quick stop at the hotel and then rushed straight to the airport to catch their flight back to Seoul in time for the next day’s Inkigayo activities.

Photocredits as tagged via twitter.


4 thoughts on “Taeyang with Big Bang at Vietnam’s Coca-Cola Soundfest (120414)”

    1. That’s because we all know YB thrives in international environments. He’s a totally different person once he boards the plane leaving from Korea. And I, for one, love it!!! Just more proof that YB is too much to be contained in Korea.

      And does this boy ever run out of energy? He’s all hyped up after rehearsals, after the performance…..like a little Energizer bunny, except his batteries are the music. And I am so proud of the fact that he’s the only one that seemed to take the rehearsal seriously. I know they were all tired and jet-lagged, but he’s the only one that put any effort into putting on a show, even if it was just a rehearsal.

      1. WOW this comment is awesome. yes YB recharges energy when there’s music. kinda wat you mentioned explains why YB became my favorite and ultimate Kpop bias when everyone around me gushes about the other members or groups, this boy catches my attention and grabs my heart.

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