Twitter praise for Solar from a Music Critic

Amidst all the buzz about Big Bang’s latest album, it’s nice to see critics still praising Taeyang’s solo work.  Noh Joon Young manages Media Billboard Beat (a music blog) and has worked with Mnet, Cyworld and Naver and was in charge of “This Week’s Music” on cyworld. He recently tweeted about Solar:

“For Korean albums, I recommend Taeyang’s Solar. It’s an album that shocked me when I first heard it because the sense of balance and understanding of trend was so complete. If you’re going to absorb a trend, this is the way to do it. ^^”

From @nohjy on twitter.

Translations by Silly at Please credit when taking elsewhere.

7 thoughts on “Twitter praise for Solar from a Music Critic”

  1. As someone who loves the album more now than when I first got it, I have to say that I agree with his assessment! The one thing that YB has always had was a good idea of what he wants and where he wants to go musically. That focus has resulted in a cohesive, but not cookie cutter album. And it’s one that has aged really well with me .. going on 2 years in July and I still find it a fresh and interesting listen.

    1. Agreed. I’m glad that this album is still relevant because it’s still quite relevant to me. I still maintain that the greatest test is the test of time. The album is still very fresh to me though it has been two years already (I keep forgetting this.) But there are other albums between then and now that I’ve liked, but have lost interest in. I think that’s why so many critics are rooting for Taeyang – he/his music is so endearing and enduring.

      Anyone else still crazy about “Take It Slow” as I am? YB has to collab with this C@talyst person again. Winning combo.

      1. i love take it slow so much that i even downloaded the instrumental and accapella version and all fanmade remixes of it lol can’t get enough of that song

      2. Still lovin’ Take it Slow, there’s just so much emotion and the music is just detailed to a T. (i’m not sure how to explain it) I get a different feel each time and mood I’m in… =)

  2. I still can’t get over how awesome Solar is. It’s solid, and each song is worth listening to a second time, heck on replay over and over again and i don’t think I’ll get sick of it. The songs are just that good 😉

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