Taeyang with Big Bang in Taiwan (120410) – Updated video/translations

Big Bang spent the evening of April 9 to April 10 on a 24 hour whirlwind visit to Taiwan to accept their double platinum award for record sales and a short press conference for the Taiwan launch of Alive.  Some highlights from the visit:


News reports say that around 1200 fans (the most for any kpop act) greeted Big Bang at the airport. Taeyang and the other members seemed surprised and touched by the enthusiastic welcome.  A lot of press was on hand to greet them and record their arrival.

They proceeded to the Grand Hyatt Taipei (trivia: famous for reportedly being formerly haunted) and then had a lavish welcome dinner hosted by Warner Music on their behalf (which included specially imported wines, fois gras, lobster and fillet mignon with 10 chefs live cooking.)  Rumor has it that it didn’t stop some of the members from supposedly visiting a nearby beef noodle restaurant to sample local cuisine.

April 10 Press Conference

Held at the 84th floor of the Taipei 101 (one of the world’s tallest buildings) – an honor reserved for very special occasions.

Big Bang was prompted by the emcees to say something in Chinese. After shyly confessing he only remembers what he learned in middle school,  Taeyang managed to say “What is your name?” “Have you eaten lunch?” and “I love you.”

Uploaded by iwantradio

Uploaded by iwantradio

Translation by @amandajaclyn18
Psych Test To Measure Score of Loyalty in Relationships
Question: If there was a ghost in the recording studio or the office, where do you think it would appear?
A. In the restroom
B. In the elevator
C. Under the table
D. In the boss’s room
E. In the storage room

Taeyang chose A
Top chose B
Daesung chose C
Seungri chose D
GD chose E

Analysis of the choices:
A (In the restroom) – You would adjust your degree of loyalty based on how your partner loves you. Loyalty score of 55%. This type of people hopes that there is a right to choose in love, thus expecting that what one can do, the partner should be able to do too.
B (In the elevator) – You can loyally stay with someone for 18 years, and only then will you check whether your partner is worth staying with or not. Loyalty score of 80%. This type of person is a martyr. One he falls in love with someone, his ability to tolerate/forgive will be strong and traditional. He will only leave if he reaches the end of his limits.
C (Under the table) – You can separate your body from your soul, believing that loyalty does not require having to sacrifice or suppress your desires. Loyalty score of 40%. This type of people has a unique view on love, thinking that monogamy is just a principle that others generally accept but is not suitable for him.
D (In the boss’s room) – You would demand that your partner is 100% loyal to you, while you yourself can still play around. Loyalty score of 20%. This type of people is patriarchal in relationships. He believes he is a king and it’s okay to have many concubines, but the other partner must stay loyal to him.
E (In the storage room) – As soon as you fall in love with someone, you will hold on to the relationship until death. Everyone’s can build a loyalty monument to honor you. Loyalty score of 99%. When this type of people really loves someone, he would always consider his partner and try his best to take care of his partner.

Fan account posted by ufoone228 in bigbang baidu (translated by @amandajaclyn18)
MC: Your loyalty score is 55%.
TY: Hmmm… (in deep thought) Why???
MC: You’d have to ask the ghost.
(Everyone laughed. Taeyang waited for the translator to translate and looked helpless afterwards).
(The translator explained the analysis of the selection so Seungri immediately said to YB…)
SR: Bad!! (but his pronunciation was wrong and he said the Chinese word for “fast”)
TY: Bad bad bad bad (repeating the word still in wrong pronunciation leading Seungri to hug him in laughter)
MC: What is he trying to say? Is he saying “bad”?
Translator: He’s saying he’s a bad boy.
TY: I am a bad boy.
Translator: Seungri said Taeyang is a bad boy since he expects his partner to give back what he can give

MC: Oh! 80%
(Everyone was impressed. TOP looked very satisfied at his answer. When the translator was explaining the analysis he kept on nodding his head in agreement)
TOP: That’s the perfect explanation.
MC: Here you would loyally stay by someone side for a long time. And only then would you consider if she’s worth staying with or not. So your loyalty score is 80%. (to TOP) Would you really wait for a very long time?
Seungri: Please take good care of TOP so he won’t leave!
MC: Yes, because he will really wait for a long time.

Dae: C
MC: Only 40%! Daesung??
Dae: (lowering his head in laughter)
TOP: (giving Dae a pat on the back like he was comforting him)
MC: Reason is, you can separate body from soul. And you believe you don’t need to suppress your desires to cheat.
Dae: That’s a lie. That’s not true!
MC: Didn’t you say earlier that this psych test was accurate?
TY: Bad bad bad. Daesung is bad.
Dae: Bad bad bad.
MC: So you think the test is false?
Translator: Dae said it’s false but Taeyang said it’s true.
Dae: I would only love one woman for all of my life. (then raising his pointed finger up like in Fantastic Baby)
TY: Only one time but many women.
MC: Everyone is for eternity.
TOP: One for Monday, one for Tuesday, one for Wednesday.

Seungri: D
MC: The score is much lower, 20%!
SR: (Confirming with the translator if it’s 10% or 20%)
MC: You demand that your partner is 100% loyal to you while you’re allowed to play around. You consider yourself a king so you can have many concubines.
GD: That’s very true.
SR: No!
TY: King… Like a lion, right? The king of the jungle!
SR: I wanted to tell the boss of Warner that his room might have a ghost.
MC: Why did you choose the boss’ room?
SR: I wanted to pick the one the others didn’t pick.
MC: 99%!!!!
GD: (looking nonchalant but Seungri is smiling beside him)
MC: When you fall in love with someone, you’d stay by her until death. And then everyone would make a plaque to recognize you for your loyalty.
MC: Is it accurate?
GD: Yes.

Uploadedby LMCHU728

The question was about their sleeping positions:

Options were:

(A)   You sleep with your hand placed near your head or hair.

(B)   You sleep sideways with your hands placed near your legs

(C)   You sleep face up with your hands placed near your stomach

(D)   You like to hug your blanket or a toy when you sleep.

(E)    None of the above.

Taeyang chose E
Seungri chose C
GD chose D
TOP chose D
Daesung chose A

Analysis of A – you are physically attractive, but when you meet a person of the opposite sex whom you like, you lack self confidence.

Seungri: It’s very accurate.
Daesung: Yes, it’s true.
Taeyang: He (Dae) is a little scared and anxious, but he can actually make the other party fall for him easily.

Analysis of E – Your girlfriend is the most important.

Taeyang: Yes! But I don’t have a girlfriend now.
MC: So your priority now is your career.
Taeyang: (nodding yes)
Seungri: (asking the crowd) So if Taeyang looks for a girlfriend in Taiwan how would it go? Will he be able to find one?
MC: VIPs! Those who want to be Taeyang’s girlfriend scream out loud!
VIPs: (screaming)
Taeyang: The volume’s a little low.
VIPs: (screaming once more)
Taeyang: I’ll just look for a girlfriend elsewhere.
MC: You should have looked for one in the airport yesterday. The screaming yesterday was louder.

Analysis of D – Looking for platonic relationships. Lacking in actual physical interaction. Basically more of an emotional/spiritual kind of love with the opposite sex.

GD: It’s accurate.
TOP: I am TOP. Yes, that’s correct. I look for the platonic.
MC: It’s not obvious.
TOP: So you think I look more like someone who would just desire the flesh?
MC: You look like someone who would consider actual physical interaction important.
TOP: I like looking at someone from afar with profound love.

MC: Okay, so our next psych exam would test their loyalty score. (completely forgetting Seungri so the crowd was already making noises)

MC: Sorry! What did Seungri choose?
Seungri (pointing at MC): Bad! (pointing at himself): Seungri! (pointing at the MC again): Bad!
Analysis of C- Ladies’ man
Seungri: (very happy) Okay!
MC: Is that accurate? So every time you go out you feel like everybody’s falling for you.
Seungri: Okay!
MC: Really? So who does the Bigbang members consider as the ladies’ man among them?
Seungri: So is my part over just like that? (lowering his head to laugh)
MC: So do you want to immerse yourself in the feeling of being a ladies’ man? Are the 100 fans ready? Cheer for ladies’ man Seungri!
VIPs: (screaming)
Seungri: (pointing at the VIPs) Cute!

And singing for DS’s birthday

Uploaded by iwantradio

Thanks to @DYB518, @linsanitytaiwan, @amandajaclyn18 for photos, updates, translations on twitter. Photocredits as tagged via bigbangupdates and twitter.

13 thoughts on “Taeyang with Big Bang in Taiwan (120410) – Updated video/translations”

  1. Boys looked tired at the airport but still managed smiles for the fans. Glad to see that VIPs came out and showed support for them.

    “SR: Do you think you will find a girlfriend here? TY: It depends on the screaming… no, too quiet – I think I’ll have to look somewhere else. (Warner had asked the fans present at the conference to be quiet and not scream.)”
    -YB ole trollin self. Hahaha

    I love that they’re traveling to new places and meeting the fans. I just hope they’re able to hold up to their busy schedule.

  2. Saw a fancam, there was A LOT of crowd at the airport. Big Bang looked so tired. I feel bad for them but it’s been a while since they promoted this much… LOL had to laugh at the beef noodle restaurant part, though it’s just a rumor. Anyway, BB speaking in Chinese is adorable. I’m not a speaker myself but the language is more familiar than korean to me. Didn’t know YB learned Chinese in school, that really makes him more multilingual now haha. Never like those zebra pants though

  3. he looks so darn hot in the airport arrival! love that his sunnies look so well fitted with his face!
    don’t like his outfit in the press conference though. lol. honestly all bb members fashion at the airport arrival > press conference.

  4. Sorry off topic, but fans from Indonesia, and around Indonesia (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc esp near the Indian ocean) pls stay safe. An earthquake of magnitude 8.7 has just striked off Indonesia. Tsunami alert issued. Praying for everyone.

  5. Aggghhh, I’m just so upset that I wasn’t there!!!! They finally went to my home country but I’m in Australia studying! 😦

    *sigh* but I loved how adorable they were at the press conference, albeit awkward due to the Chinese, but I’m happy they took the time to go. Taiwan VIPs waited a long time for them, and I’m surprised at the treatment they received, hahahah very exquisite~

    Loved the rumour about them going off to eat beef noodles, Taiwan’s famous for that, hahhahaha 😛

    The boys definitely look tired in the airport photos, hope they get some rest after visiting Taiwan~~ ><

  6. i’ll pretend he’s not wearing that horrible zebra printed pants lol.oh,boy but he was flawless with his outfit in the airport *sigh*

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