Taeyang Photo Scans from ALIVE Japanese Album

New solo photos were revealed when Big Bang released the Japanese version of their ALIVE album. Check out below for more of Taeyang’s solo photos.

(not really liking this covering the face thing)

(Now this is more like it)

The album also came with some stickers

I say he looks pretty good in these photos and I like them a lot more than the Korean album photos. He looks hot.

Cr: YBmania for the scans

13 thoughts on “Taeyang Photo Scans from ALIVE Japanese Album”

  1. Sad how solmates go into hiding when taeyang is not promoting as a solo…tae needs our votes at allkpop…

    1. I’ll just speak for myself – but it does seems to me like a bit of a pointless poll. What does he get if he wins? It’s not like it proves anything except which fanbase likes to vote the most. I mean bragging rights are all very well and good but in the end its a battle of fanbases and popularity and YB’s fanbase is notoriously lazy about voting in polls. The only real winner is the website since it can show advertisers more hits and collect data on fan demographics.

      1. Right. Actually all of the fans have already known that AKP poll is based on biased votes and the winner is the one who has the biggest fandom (and the most fans with the most free time)
        & by reading some comments there, i can’t imagine how others spend all day on voting for it. Even if Taeyang wins, other fandoms will have some reasons not to accept the results.

    2. vip= the lazy fandom for voting..
      VIP fanbase are huge, but vote for BIGBANG always lack due to VIP laziness..^^

      I’m VIP and my bias is YB..so like others.. i don’t care about polling like that…so i’m lazy for voting…sorry about that..(T-T)…but YB is still the best for me..no matter what…^_^

    3. I’m with BM on this. The only one who benefits from this voting thing is AKP since this helps them get hits. This is why SK does so many pointless polls. It’s also why I didn’t vote and probably wont. I’d care more if he was at least getting a trophy.

    4. I know this poll is no ema but just once I wanted tae to win a poll that he is most deserving of. A little support on our part would be nice. Not asking you guys to turn into crazy voters like showols or cassies cause they are quite intense. At least get him pass the first round. Its just a shame that the polls that tae tends to top are about being a loner 😦 it’s up to you guys. I just wanted to say why I ask for votes since it seems like I was getting attacked.

      1. omg no don’t feel attacked! :/ it is really great that you did vote for him and i did vote too. 🙂 i honestly would have thought he will win the poll as he was leading when usual readers voted (before ppl spread the word around and got all their fanclubs to start voting like crazy).

        but i guess it really isn’t worth the time and effort if polls like these aren’t unique in the sense that 1 person can vote more than once. that makes the poll become = who has the most time on their hands. we all love tae and want to see him win, i know i do. i also don’t want anyone to think any less of him if he doesn’t win polls like these, but yea, with the rate fans are going (and mind you, Rain have a very strong fanbase), let’s just know that tae is the best in our hearts. lol. 😀 and allkpop is really benefiting from this…so…
        i am happy that he is up against Rain though. Not passing the 1st round is ok since he’s up against a really popular figure and established one. I can see many ppl had a hard time choosing between him and Rain eventhough Rain is sort of a household name in kpop. But of course, i still think Tae is better at dancing than him, even without bias. really.. 😉

        i’m voting for big bang on the mtv italy thingy tho… that one will help them gain more exposure. 🙂

      2. I’m sorry you got attack. If this was an important poll, I would be voting as much as I can. But since this is an AKP poll I don’t think it’s worthy of the effort. This poll isn’t about finding out who is best dancer or whatever (honestly have no idea what’s it’s about) but about getting AKP more views and more money. It’s not worth the time and effort when all we get out of it is that Taeyang won some random and meaningless AKP poll.

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