Big Bang lights up Inkigayo (120408)

Self proclaimed “salad” boys  (though I thought of skittles myself) Big Bang brought their weekend party to Inkigayo with another performance of Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby.

Bad Boy

More under the cut

Fantastic Baby

In my opinion, one thing Big Bang manages to do every weekend is keep the performances fun and fresh even though we’ve seen the routine several times. Part of it is the different stages and costumes (and I loved the styling and stage for both songs), but I most like that they’ve managed to make fans feel part of the overall experience and not just observers. They have a knack of making a connection with the audience and that is what makes them most watchable.

6 thoughts on “Big Bang lights up Inkigayo (120408)”

  1. Gotta say this is my favorite Fantastic Baby performance to date. You can tell they were having so much fun on stage, and you can’t help it but to enjoy yourself too. At least, for me 🙂 Love the outfit and stage too, Bluemaid.

    1. To be honest, I thought they looked really tired but they were performing with so much sincerity to do well for the fans my heart just went out to them. The outfits were a great addition to the performance – just the right amount of wit and “big bang” – ness to it and a much needed jolt of energy.

      The camera work was just really disappointing though, even more distractingly bad than usual.

      1. Didn’t realize they looked that tired, but after you pointed out, I think you are right. I agree about the camera work. They should have done better.

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