Taeyang and Big Bang on Go Show Filming (Fancams and Photos)

Yesterday, Big Bang filmed the Go Show and it seems like Taeyang had lots of fun, showing off his sushi skills. I’m unfamiliar with how this show is set up but I know I’m excited to see it. It airs April 20th  at 11:05PM KST. This is supposedly a new show so we’ll keep you guys updated with more pictures and details.

More photos and fancams below, including Daesung doing his version of the I Need A Girl dance

These boys are so lulzy, can’t wait for the show.

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15 thoughts on “Taeyang and Big Bang on Go Show Filming (Fancams and Photos)”

  1. TAEYANG’S SUSHI DANCE IS SO ADORABLEEEE. that last bit at the end where he threw it up and ate it is so perfect. i love how everyone had explosive reactions to it 😀

  2. I swear, YB just wants me to freaking die or something. He is KILLING me!!!!

    The sushi dance. Oh, the sushi dance. Shit was epic. He just killed the whole dance. The ending really took the cake. It was all just askdfkfksllfksjajidwidjfjqkakdkspcks

  3. LMFAO at the first video. Youngbeezy, I didn’t know you had it in you.

    I dunno about you guys, but I’m re-evaluating his sense of humor. I think YB gets such a bad rap for being so serious and shy especially when it comes to music and performing. But, the YB I currently know is so different. He’s so much fun and alluring. Can’t wait for the solo to happen. So curious of the direction he is going to take.

    1. Agreed.

      But tbh, I’ve always thought YB was pretty hilarious. It’s just not the type of in-your-face humor that’s quickly and easily noticeable. But damn, he’s definitely bringing it all out for these promotions. He’s been the funniest, goofiest, craziest out of all the members.

      Definitely can’t wait to see what happens with the solo.

  4. aww,at the beginning he looked kind of nervous then the music started and then boom!it’s like he let the music leads him on.
    what a great dance interpretation to cooking lol

    the crowd jumped on their seats when he was done.gj,youngbaeyah<3

  5. (daydreaming) I never thought that making sushi could look so sexy. I picture me waking up to music in the morning and he is standing there in my kitchen shirtless doing that! LOL!!!!!!!!!! I would be like (Waaaaaaghhhhhhhh!!!!) LOL!!

  6. Haha, it seems Tae is really updated with trending dances in America. First was Dougie, now Cooking? Haha, this is awesome

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