Big Bang are Fantastic Bad Boys on Inki!

Bad Boy

Big Bang returns to the stage with Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby on Inkigayo. Below the cut is Fantastic Baby.

Fantastic Baby

I’m pretty sure this was pre-recorded considering that last I heard Big Bang had headed to Japan for the Springroove Concert in Osaka today and have been mostly out of Korea all week.

I personally can’t get enough of Bad Boy, by far my favorite song on the album. Even if I didn’t love the song as much as I did, the way Taeyang loves it and grooves to it when performing it is enough to make me love this song. He was beyond hyped in that performance. Not sure what to make of it.

And of course Fantastic Baby is always fun to watch.  I loved the outfits, loved that they were all in different colors and I like the futuristic look to Taeyang’s outfit.

cr: BIGBANG @youtube

7 thoughts on “Big Bang are Fantastic Bad Boys on Inki!”

  1. Omg. The hotness… I can’t even… wow. I LOVED both stages. Yes, the Bad Boy stage was sort of constricting (and cut off some views) but it must have been amazing to be in that studio audience. And they managed to work it nevertheless. (Including that super cute thing Taeyang did when he took over his sunglasses. Ugh, dead fangirl here.) And the outfits for Fantastic Baby were the BEST. BB as hot, stylish superheroes. Loved YB’s whole outfit (and still managed to work in the Chrome Hearts) though I was worried for a bit he might clock himself in the head while dancing with that armor.

    1. Like always, you managed to capture my Exact thoughts!!!!

      YB at the end of the Bad Boy performance was just adorable!!!!!!

      And oh gawdddddd…..he looked so hot in Fantastic Baby.

      AND he performs amazingly during both songs?
      Alsjdgasgaklglahdhak……..the things this man does to me.

  2. Yeap tae was visibly very happy during bad boy. I’m glad he’s looking more and more into the camera nowadays esp the ending when he lifted his sunglasses. I died at that part. Lol
    He was looking less into the cam tho for his shots in fantastic baby. Would have been better with more eye contact, am not asking him to hog the cam, but be aware of the cam while he’s dancing so that he can look into cam when it focuses on him to connect to the audience at home watching.
    The boys did great for this perf And all of them were looking smooth.

  3. Gawd dammnnnn!!! He was just so hyper in Bad Boy, I LOVED IT!

    Love his cute sunglasses thing at the end, that just made the whole performance even more fun to watch for me! He is just too darn cute!!! Gahhh!!

    Loved Fantastic Baby, loved the energy everyone had in this 🙂 and the outfits on the boys all look great on them 😀 Though YB was really working it with his black armor suit, 😉

  4. Just as I told myself that the stage could not get any better after watching all the YG on Air performances, this Bad Boy set literally made me swallow my own words. Eventhough the stage appears to be on the smaller side and the boys seems to be a bit constrained, that didn’t stop them from performing their hearts out. I just thought the stage set up and the concept played off the song title so brilliantly! Its like YG is trying to tell us that these boys are such bad asses that they needed to be “locked up” so they are not gonna go out there to break more hearts!!! 😜 haha…
    Both YB and GD had a great time flirting with the camera! YB’s semi sweaty/greasy arms looked so tanned and toned…drools….
    The Fantastic Baby performance was very entertaining to watch! Everyone definitely unleashed all of their energy. Omg, YB looked uber hot in that outfit! One of my fav! His sexiness is just beaming through this very fitted and well covered futuristic outfit! More drools…

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