YG ON AIR : Bad Boy ver.2 (120330)

What a pleasure this promotion is when it can give us performances like this after a month since they’ve started.  Bad Boy is my favorite track off Alive – I’ve loved every performance so far and this one continues in that streak.

YG On Air is such a gift to the fans (international fans in particular since we rarely see live performances.) While the live band is certainly one of the major advantages, even having a “performance version” like this using the backtrack — with good sound, camera work, sets, lighting and editing – is so far superior to what we normally get on broadcast performances.  I don’t know how the investment will pay off for YG in terms of marketing, but I hope it does because this is the kind of quality I hope all future promotions can maintain.


3 thoughts on “YG ON AIR : Bad Boy ver.2 (120330)”

  1. YB with his hyperactive self. So loving him!!!

    I’ve loved every single performance of Bad Boy and this was no change. If only the quality of the music shows were like this…..

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