Taeyang at Big Bang’s Yamaha Meet-and-Greet at the Bangkok Motor Show (120329)

Big Bang had another promotional event for Yamaha TTX and Taeyang was all smiles as he answered questions, gave out hugs, randomly danced and autographed motorbikes.

And from the other day:

Photocredits as tagged via BigBangUpdates, @DYB518 and @Taeyang_flower on twitter.


16 thoughts on “Taeyang at Big Bang’s Yamaha Meet-and-Greet at the Bangkok Motor Show (120329)”

  1. Aislskdjslcjsjk…….YB…..why do you do these things to me!!!

    He’s so freaking handsome and good-looking and gorgeous and all the delicious stuff.

    Look at him having fun dancing. And hugging those girls like there’s no tomorrow.

    I can’t even…………..YB is killing me!!!!! I don’t think my heart can take anymore of this.

      1. Tell me about it, I’m fangirling like mad just looking at the pictures!!!! I love it when he wears his bandana like that too, it just adds an extra something to whatever he is already XD

    1. Adorbs.

      I just want to shrink YB down, stuff him in my purse, and take him home with me.

      Either that, or someone seriously needs to invent me my “Grow Your Own YB In A Zorb Ball”

  2. These photos puts the biggest smile on my face! His cuteness is outta this world…
    Also love the way he hugs his fans…

  3. awww i’m sooo happy for the girls that youngbae hugged.the girl in the 11th pic was doing it right.burying her face on his neck lol
    he really is the king of fanservice.

    in all the pictures he’s so gorgeous.his smile<3

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