Taeyang at the Big Bang-Yamaha Showcase in Bangkok (120328)

Big Bang was in Bangkok to promote Yamaha’s new line of TTX motorcycles and were the headline act for a showcase at Central World Mall. Taeyang looked tanned and amazing (and surprisingly comfy in the hot weather.) Some photos and fancams from the event:

Big Bang performed Tonight, Hands Up, Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby and Lies.

Bad Boy (KyuNeilPorshe)

Fantastic Baby (KyuNeilPorshe)

Taeyang speaking Thai – “I love Thai people so much” (pumpkinpitchy)

Full Show HD (sanookagianchannel)

Photo credits as tagged and via @DYB518, @iNaverland, @Taeyang_flower, @YSpopYS, @littledevil_lek, @TimfanyHwang, @rozycheekz, @sounglang on Twitter


8 thoughts on “Taeyang at the Big Bang-Yamaha Showcase in Bangkok (120328)”

  1. Aside from the unfortunate pants, YB was all sorts of perfection.

    He looks so freaking badass in the Yamaha bike photo. Seriously fangirl squealing inside right now.

    He looks tanned, happy, and just having fun altogether.

    His resident international alter ego is obviously in effect. I don’t know what they give him on the planes leaving Korea, but it’s obviously working for him.

    1. Haha. I LOVE his outfit. He looked all sorts of amazing, I thought the look really works for him.

      And agree that YB overseas is a completely different sort of guy. Another reason why he has to keep travelling – it obviously agrees with him.

  2. The first picture for this post already tells me the awesomeness he’s been feeling these days. hahahahah

    Such a wonderful man!!! Glad he looks so happy and enjoying himself!!!

    And that photo with the motorbike…Gahhh!

  3. i love his skin color, so manly and tanned and ready for summer, although his face make up is lighter. he should do a blow out with his hair like pauly d from jersey shore! I’m starting to like this hairstyle on him

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