Taeyang Designing Hats (Twitter)

Seems like Taeyang is back in hats again and this time he’s helping design them. Him and his friend, artist Mina Kwon, have been designing Hats based on Big Bang’s new album and sharing it via twitter. Above is the Fantastic Baby hat. Check out below for the design of the Bad Boy hat, which GD wore in the music video and Taeyang has worn in the past as well.

*Taeyang tweeted this picture but than deleted it soon after

Bad Boy Hat 

These hats would be great merchandise for fans because I know I want a hat designed by Taeyang and representing Big Bang. YG better get on this, there’s dollars to be made here. Anyway, this seems like what Taeyang spends some of his free time with, designing hats. He should be an expert considering how many he has.

Cr: @bigbangupdates for some screen caps, @MinaKwon and @Realtaeyang


15 thoughts on “Taeyang Designing Hats (Twitter)”

  1. Not a fan of a lot of Mina’s stuff, but I LOVE the hats. Even before it came out that YB helped design it, I thought the “Bad Boy, Good Girl” hat was cool.

    These are totally something I’d want. YGE…..get on this!!!

    1. 😀 well when you upload your picture, and few seconds later you deside it’s not looking too good so you delete it…i didn’t say it is not good picture of YB, but still…^^

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