Big Bang at Terry Richardson’s Studio (120326)

I’m not particularly a fan of Terry Richardson but I have to admit that I love these photos of Big Bang.

He’s shot BB before in 2009 for Arena (posted here and here) but while these recent photos are less conceptual, the range of expressions make them so much more appealing to me.  There’s a vibrancy and energy to the photos and one wonders what they were thinking of when they were going through the shoot. They certainly look like they were having a lot of fun.  Taeyang looks so comfortable and natural and in the moment– it’s one of my most favorite shoots he’s ever done.

And from the YG App – Solos! :

Source : via Big Bang Updates


6 thoughts on “Big Bang at Terry Richardson’s Studio (120326)”

  1. These should really be viewed much larger (darn space limitations) but those who can should try and use the “view image” option on their browser to view the original sizes.

  2. Compare to the pictures taken back in 2009, these photos turned out waaaaaay better overall. I liked the individual shots TR did for YB and Top from 2009, but none of the group pictures. But I am totally digging all the pictures posted above, especially after viewing them in the original size. YB and GD gave the most variety of looks on this particular set. Some of YB’s facial expression is priceless… so dorkable and fun at the same time…job well done for both TR and BB!

  3. Yup. Not a fan of the man himself, but I love his photos.

    He managed to capture BB’s playfulness so well.

    And YB! He’s not just doing the same serious face or the side profile shot. So happy!!!!

    Adorkable YB is always a win in my book.

  4. playful youngbae with cute and mischievous expression on his face,aaarggh i love this too much.youngbae is spoiling us lately.<3

  5. hahahah!! something other than side profiles and serious expressions in photo shoots is always a win for me! Loving how YB is so playful and natural in this ❤

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