Big Bang wins 3rd mutizen on Inkigayo (120325)

Big Bang returned to Seoul for a quick stop at Inkigayo before traveling to Thailand and Japan for performances next week. Blue won its 3rd mutizen, completing a triple crown win. Congrats!


Fantastic Baby and Win below the cut

The stages for Blue continue to be really interesting with the different interpretations of “Blue” atmospherics for each performance contributing to the melancholy mood. It’s a nice contrast with the energy and mood of Fantastic Baby.  I really liked the lighting effects this time around for both stages.  That said, the quality of the stages for all of this promo has been , pardon the pun, fantastic, matched by really good performances from the members each time.  They may not be on all the music shows, but they are certainly making each and every appearance count.


15 thoughts on “Big Bang wins 3rd mutizen on Inkigayo (120325)”

    1. youngbear
      can’t decide which is cuter.

      the owner of that ribbon prolly the one who clip it on his head?

  1. lol how hypo are Dae and TOP lol they were soo excited and GD yes it’s YG FAMILY 4EVER , i was looking for our baby when they won i was like where are u but he was there so i so yeah . i really love the energy its great.

    1. No kidding! They were sooooo happy… Jumping up and down like lil kids! adorkable as usual…
      Their energy is undeniable on every FB set!

  2. By the way, these prerecorded performances were the “performance versions” recorded as the same time as the “band versions” for YG on Air. (The Fantastic Baby one is where YB had his fireworks accident.)

      1. A staffmember set a fireworks effect off at the wrong time and sparks hit YB. He was supposedly hit on the hand/face and dropped his mic, so fans in the audience were pretty worried for a bit. He was able to get it attended to and continue recording though, and also assured fans that he was ok (as we can see from the footage.)

        1. Oh dear…he does look okay, I hope he really IS okay though. >_<

          (Thanks for the info Bluemaid)

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