YG ON AIR LIVE : Ain’t No Fun (120324)

Awww. This stage lived up to all of the earlier expectations set by their super cute stage on the March 15 Mcountdown.

Gorgeous intro and arrangement for the band.

More than a dance stage, its almost theatrical in its presentation, which is a refreshing contrast to their other songs.  I really love Taeyang’s semi-rap sung verse in this song (my favorite part hands down along with the bridge) and I thought his interaction with the dancers were hot and adorable. (Ji Hye!)  So much cuteness all around I don’t know where to start.  This song needs way more love.


11 thoughts on “YG ON AIR LIVE : Ain’t No Fun (120324)”

  1. Don’t worry. I love this song enough for everyone!!!! 🙂

    Abd the live performances are just too adorable. YB being his normal, goofy self in the background.

    And ironically, BB looks like they’re having tons of fun in this performance. They all looked great and sounded great. Especially YB. He was just all up into this song.

    The only thing I could do without were GD’s ad libs. They were throwing the song off for me.

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