YG ON AIR LIVE: Fantastic Baby (120323)

Big Bang displayed their usual energy and looked like they were having fun.  I loved that the attention was on the boys rather than the stage and lighting this time around. The outfit change really fit the song and made them stand out.  (Relieved that TY doesn’t look worse for wear after the accident at the recording.) And love that little smile at the dance break.


6 thoughts on “YG ON AIR LIVE: Fantastic Baby (120323)”

  1. I just cant get over this song and the ENERGY “WOW FANTASTIC BANG” , I just love it every show should be like this so clear, full of energy and just feel good. they are enjoying themself. I cant wait for the MAMA award show.

  2. Awws, they are so cute and hot and full of energy and lots of more things as always ^^ Btw. Does any other BigBang member have this kind of fan site?

    1. One of the staff members set off a fireworks effect at the wrong time and YB happened to be near so he got hit by a spark. Everyone was a little worried for a while but he was able to get it attended to and continue recording. He assured the fans that he was ok.

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