YG ON AIR LIVE: Love Dust (120322)

I’m wondering if these YG On Air performances are going to ruin future music shows for me? Setting the bar high, boys.  Tough act to follow.

My love for this song grows with each listen and the live performance lives up to every expectation.  (I had to stop in the middle of the post because I kept going “awww” at the screen.) Oh please put this in the promo rotation… it’s way too good to keep to the few odd performances.


10 thoughts on “YG ON AIR LIVE: Love Dust (120322)”

  1. am loving it so clear and so comfy its brilliant, they should do all shows like this , but yeah i get what u mean u see then and go see the shows and ur like uhhhhhh, ill just go back and what that ahah. love it thats all i can say .

  2. Ohh. I LOVE THIS! (All the smiles. Looking into the camera. And Ji Hye (hehe)) YB sounds so sweet. I was thinking the whole time that his voice on Bad Boy was butter but here its just honey. Fangirling like mad over here until I forget MCD and the pants.

  3. Finally! I have been waiting for the promo for LD since I got my hands on their album! And this proves that it is worth every bit of the wait! YG has definitely shown that they are going all out to showcase BB in every possible way! I wonder what they are hiding under the sleeves still!!
    YB’s lips look soooo damn kissable in all the YG on air performances…
    F..K, someone please strap me down on my seat, so I won’t do anything stupid with my monitor…
    A little side note; I have officially decided that Seungri’s shorts and pants combo has failed in my book. I thought I will get use to it, but I realized that it is not going to happen after looking at it for 3 days straight…Still give him props though…

    1. yes, i am all for avant garde fashions and being daring but uhh.. seungri’s shorts were overkill this time around.
      same goes for g-dragon floral arm explosions.
      i can’t seem to get 80’s prom dress outta my head.

    1. I’m sorry, but I disagree. They add to his stage character in a good way, IMO. I think he should wear some more temp ones to see what he likes before getting real ink done.

  4. love the choreography,love the performance,love youngbae’s passion on stage,love the fanchants in the beginning^^(good job vips!)ahhh!!everything is so perfect.
    i just want to plant a kiss on youngbae’s cheek.he really did a great job.

  5. I looove this soo much! Never really cared for the song when it came out, but it sounds great live, and it helps they all look good too. YB, you are too cute here. I wanna squish you >.<

  6. I love EVERYTHING about this performance, smiling like an angel at the camera, enjoying the song to its fullest. I just can’t get enough!

    I definitely love LD after hearing the full song, have been waiting for them to promote this since then… this was just amazing!!

    Very much a proud fanmom at the moment with how YB is doing lately, so so proud!

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