Fantastic Baby and 3rd Mutizen for BB on M!Countdown (and some not so fantastic pants) (120322)

Congratulations BB!  Now on to other business…

Fantastic Baby

It’s official – this is the year of TY’s WTF pants.

BTS and Rehearsal videos

Uploaded by sety5181104 (via@gilbakk)

I don’t know what the stylists have planned for the rest of the year but I hope Taeyang makes up with them soon.  Because they are obviously having issues. Either TY’s random goofy behavior has even affected his fashion choices (and they have decided to let him learn the hard way) or they are making up for years of him giving them a hard time.  But he has had some really pretty jackets, so I hold out hope that this is a temporary aberration.  Maybe we have to remind him that a wise person once said “simple is best.”

8 thoughts on “Fantastic Baby and 3rd Mutizen for BB on M!Countdown (and some not so fantastic pants) (120322)”

  1. “It’s official – this is the year of TY’s WTF pants.”
    =)) personally i think YB’s pant in FB perf is much better than the zebra print pants in Blue mv
    i love his jacket & tee also and they really go well with the pants ❤
    hopefully he'll come back with simple style in his next solo stages but right now i enjoy seeing BB in unique & colorful clothes because this song and the whole album represent for all of the things BB can bring to us with different colors & styles.
    [bwahaha YB's spinning at the rehearsal …]

      1. SERIOUSLY. his outfits from blue.. flashback to the early, not-so-good 90’s. my first glance.. i thought his pants were man leggings (o.O) haha

  2. “It’s official – this is the year of TY’s WTF pants.”

    lol i can take WTF pants thank god his not wearing that stupid bandana crazy ass pants is enough.

  3. BM, u r so hilarious! “The year of WTF pants.” YB has sported many loud ass pants indeed this year!!! I might not love them all but I don’t hate any of it!
    Did anyone notice all the writing on his jacket? So random.. Like his shout out to the world…”hug me”, hell yeah! anytime you want.. and “save the whale”!? Sure, I will get on that…

  4. I actually liked his pants here, not as bad as the zebra pants. But yeah, this promo has seen some questionable fashion choices. To me nothing is worse than those fake tats. They were even lopsided. But this performance on MCD was great. Love it!

  5. Or!, he can remove that tattoo that has been plaguing my mind as to WHY??. Why the tattoo. IMO tattoo’s just ruin the skin. Sure it will look good but at least get a spray or one that will come off over a period of time.

  6. i love all BB stages for this alive promotion.YG definitely went all out for this comeback.
    great performance by the members and i love all their clothes.i want jiyong’s pants and daesung’s shirt!i really liked YB’s outfit.even the pants.after seeing the zebra print anything is better lol.

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