Day 2 and it’s the band version of Blue. Loving the staging of the performance and they all sound amazing. My favorite performance of Blue yet.



4 thoughts on “YG ON AIR LIVE: BLUE (120321)”

  1. you know who some people say that BB and YG family act black, or have black souls well now them adding some colour to the band just say so much more. YG want to excel and his getting what ever talent that will get him and his artist there and going world wide it wouldnt be long before they u see them on US

  2. I also have to say, this was one of my favorite Blue performances by far.

    Everyone sounded great. And I love when they do performances with live bands. It just gives the music a whole different feel.

    I loved how they used the background as their stage and then went to the actual stage. And I was really feeling the snapping part in the end. I don’t know why, but I just really liked that part.

    And of course, YB has consistently been performing amazingly, so big props to him for that.

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