YG ON AIR LIVE: Bad Boy (120320)

YG ON AIR kicked off the first of its series of special Big Bang performances with the “band version” of Bad Boy!

A new YG ON AIR performance will be on youtube and Naver every day at 6pm KST till March 25.

I’m really hoping that this alternative promotion method is successful because it opens the door to so many possibilities. (Guerilla concerts, performing material that may be banned for public broadcast, live band, no time limits…all these things that were not possible within the limits of mainstream television and radio.)

12 thoughts on “YG ON AIR LIVE: Bad Boy (120320)”

  1. I know it’s been said many times before, but it needs repeating. YB has BLOWN me away with how well he’s been singing and dancing and getting into the groove of each song with this promotion. And each performance I see has gotten me feeling no different. Proud fanmom alert!!!!

    And I agree. I’m really interested in seeing just exactly how they plan on promoting BB, both domestically and internationally. I absolutely love that they don’t promote on every single music show in Korea since the performances start to get stale after so many times. YGonAir has always been ❤ to me so I'm ecstatic that they're doing this for them.

    The fact that they're able to do these types of things on their own, outside the limitations of public broadcasting, means the sky's the limit. I hope they're able to handle and control everything and get the group out there in ways that we REALLY want to see them.

    1. But dammit. Where’s my live performance of the intro!!!!!! I thought they recorded that as well. 😦

  2. The performance was great – par for the course for this promotion which has been full of good performances. What really stood out to me though was the production value of the whole thing – great sound, camera work and editing. The band sounded great and vocals were balanced and distinct for all of the members – no technical frustrations this time around as far as I could tell. No one got swallowed up by the instrumental or audience noises. Everyone got good shots without the weird zoom outs and audience shots that TV music shows seem to love. All in all,it did justice to the hard work of the performers. Kudos to YGE and I dearly, dearly hope they continue this for all future YG artist promotions.

  3. This is very random but i dont know who else to ask but the VIP, am in australia and i just finally eventhough i had bought the CD on itunes i wanted a package one so i just got Alive in my mail today and i order of course like seriously is there a question got TAE YANG Version. and i found a THANK YOU VIP and a a card that all i can make out in english is YG family Card so can anyone tell me about it if u got it in ur package as well, i pre-ordered this when the album was’t even out yet. see why am suffering from our boy i get things so delayed but yeah i got this card and dont know what with it so any info about is great help.

    1. usually you get like a special thank you box of pics and sometimes a video clip… and if you get your alb um early enough you are entered into raffles and stuff what you need to do is visit bigbang’s website

      go to yg family site, then go to artists click big bang scroll down you will see a link for yg family number enter your number and voila!

  4. I like how YB did that thing at the end, lol. His singing has improved and it’s more apparent now, esp since there’s less choreo. Also, their style in this clip looks AWESOME.

  5. I am finding new reasons to adore YB even more through each new performances! His camera interaction has been through the roof lately! ❤

    1. ahah i know right he is just becoming use to it or just getting confident his he still shy but his getting out there getting comfortable like before each show he is like the first to go running away never near the vip just doing his thing and then cya but now is comfortable with it am noticing which is really good he got a Tattoo our boy is becoming confident and getting out of his shy shell so yeah for us lol.

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