Fantastic Babies sing their Blues on Inkigayo (120318)

Congratulations to Big Bang for going home with Mutizen number 2 on Inkigayo!

Performances under the cut


Fantastic Baby

It’s round 2 for Blue and Fantastic Baby (sniff… missing Bad Boy)  and while the performances are as enjoyable as expected, I’m wondering if they are pushing through with the plan to promote 2 new songs every week . I’m really looking forward to seeing Love Dust and Ain’t No Fun again.

That said, I loved the Blue performance. So heartfelt. TY even managed to make those crazy pants look decent (though they were loud enough to distract me from the song the first time around.)  Fantastic Baby was harder to appreciate beyond the ADHD camera shots. (Tip to the PD: During a dance solo, it is usually best to focus on the one dancing.)  And while the boys looked good, I kind of like having more color on the FB stage since its such an upbeat song and save the more somber colors for sadder songs.


8 thoughts on “Fantastic Babies sing their Blues on Inkigayo (120318)”

  1. I think part of the reason the omona guys don’t like YB is because he isn’t always aware of when he steps in front of his mates like Daesung and sometimes hogging the spotlight. I dunno.

    1. Wouldn’t really lose too much sleep about it. People over there have a dozen reasons to dislike him regardless of what he does — its been like that for years. Can’t please everybody.

  2. nothing can beat last week’s performance but this is good too.i like what they’re wearing in FB but cameraman sucks.

    i miss seeing ty/iu interactions.but they better stay apart for now.i read the comments of iu’s adjussi they’re quiet a scary bunch.

  3. Lol, I noticed that too! He would completely loose himself in the performance and just does whatever feels right to him! That probably has resulted him bump into other members!
    BB is known for their carefree stage presence, where they don’t really stick to a chore for a whole song. They would freestyle and feed off the energy from the audience. I think that’s one of the reasons that they have set themselves apart from other groups and why a lot of us love them to pieces!

  4. Agree with BM, the performance was very heartfelt! With only two songs been performed this time around, I am totally hoping they would get back into their longer comeback stages performance! I know I am being a little selfish now….;-) those boys are probably dead tired from all the promo activities! I hope they get decent rests in between and YB would not continuously tweet at 4,5 in the morning!

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