Big Bang brings Alive to M!Countdown (120315)

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LOL at MCD’s attempt to draw a 7degrees of separation type loveline between the mutizen top 3.

Big Bang debuted Alive on MCD  and went home with the mutizen. This also marked the first TV broadcast for Ain’t No Fun (yay!)

Performances below the cut.


Bad Boy

Ain’t No Fun

Fantastic Baby


BB continues to knock their performances out of the park. The boys and YGE are throwing everything they’ve got into this comeback and it shows.  (That whole Fortress of Solitude they had for Blue is probably my favorite set of theirs they’ve ever had. )

My favorite performances so far have to be the ones for Bad Boy, mostly because I love the song and you can tell that Taeyang loves it too and is feeling the heck out of the song. (It’s like his new Nunmul.)  And his commitment to strange but comfy clothes seem to be paying off in extra performance oomph. Ain’t No Fun proves contrary to its name though – that was one cute stage.  It’s nice to see such a variety of moods in all their stages.

Updated with Official performance video from Mnet!

13 thoughts on “Big Bang brings Alive to M!Countdown (120315)”

  1. Aside from the WTF-ery at MCD’s convoluted love story….I’m so happy that I was able to actually stream this.

    Proud fanmom is proud.
    And not just of YB, but the whole group. They’ve seriously comeback with a stronger mindset. Back to prove that they are still Big Bang. That their problems of 2011 have made them better than ever.

    EVERY single performance so far has been freaking AMAZING. And today’s proved no different.
    Although I’m sad that they didn’t perform the intro. And although I side-eyed a couple of their accessories, BB was practically perfect.

    The sets were awesome. Blue’s “Fortress of Solitude” was definitely my favorite.
    Bad Boy is YB’s song to me, tbh. I don’t even register the other members in it since all my focus is on YB.
    Fantastic Baby is always fun and has quickly become one of my favorite live performances of theirs.
    Ain’t No Fun has always been one of my favorite songs off the album. The performance was super duper cute. I loved the girls vs boys thing they had going on.

    They were playful, sad, quirky, sexy, hyper, melancholy….you name it and they brought it.
    Each member performed excellently. Vocalists AND rappers were all on top of their game.

    And I definitely want to congratulate YB. He has proven himself with this comeback. I’m hearing it from all over the place how much he’s surprised people about how amazing his vocals have been. (Pshhhhh….I wasn’t surprised 😛 )

    I just hope they don’t get too overworked and/or sick.

  2. Okay, after clicking the replay button countless times, I’ve finally gathered myself from a complete YB overdose. Like BM mentioned above, YG and BB is not holding any horses back this time around. This year’s comeback stage is the best I’ve seen hands down. Aside from the amazing stage setup and occasionally loud costume choices, all the BB boyz are killing it on stage. I enjoyed it immensely!
    I find the sequence BB chose to perform the songs made me love their performances even more. It is amazing to see their emotions progress through out each song, how they slowly unleash their energy and finish the performance with a BANG!

    And there is YB. In the past, I have always favoured his performances in slower songs like Bad Boy and take it slow because his ability to translate his raw emotions. Don’t get me wrong, I can never get enough of his hard core sweaty dance moves and ripping his shirt off on the stage….that’s what sold me at the first place… haha… But I am also finding his performance in Fantastic baby so irresistible to watch. So much energy!

    I wonder if they are going to release MV for Love Dust and Ain’t No Fun soon. Would love to see what concept they are going to come up for those videos. I catch myself humming to chorus of Love Dust from time to time. I think it is YB’s part that really sold it to me….

    I am such a hopeless YB addict…..

      1. Thank you! I couldn’t be a prouder fan!
        I wish YG would publish the tour schedule already!!!!!! I am dying to find out when they are coming to North America, so I can get on with my life again!!!

  3. anybody read omona they calling YB douche now WTF before they say his boring now that he is having fan his a douche smh.

    1. There are a number of posters on omona (and the internet in general) who think its cool to be snarky — they’ll always find something or someone to beat down on since that’s their idea of fun and think they are making a positive contribution to the world by doing so. (A perspective I find highly debatable.) YB is happy and having fun – if they don’t like it, what does that matter? He owes it to himself to do what he thinks is right for him rather than conform to what netizens think.

    2. Wouldn’t say douche but some of the of the shit he does fucks performances up for people. especially the constant cooking n dougie-esque antics whenever it’s possible.

    3. that’s not relevant.ALL celebrities got antis.
      as long as it’s not in korea,then it’s ok.
      just think about it.YB almost got no antis in his hometurf.

      korean media like him(it’s only 2X that a media was on his ass and netizens attack the writer of the stupid article and the other one which is totally his fault when he wore a shirt with a cuss word on it)i could explain it but it’s a bit long and boring.
      sunbaes and hobaes admired and respected him.
      music critics have high hopes for him and totally supported him.
      look at all the things he have accomplished as an artist and this people totally back him up and believe in idols have achieved what he have now.
      this things should make all vips proud cuz he’s bringing honor to his band instead of picking on him over silly things.oh,well you can’t please
      anything antis said just shrug it off,they can’t touch him.
      he is well taken care off in his country and that’s all that matters.

      and he’s happy lately and having so much fun,so,as a YB stan,nothing can bring my feelings down lol

  4. Don’t worry about it. First of all, omona has always said YB is boring..for several yrs now. lol.
    And to say that he’s being douche-y b/c of his dancing is pretty hilarious. Do we say Top’s being douche-y for not dancing at all? No. I agree w/ BM ppl will always have something to say. As long as he’s having fun on stage, and continues to be the loveable, talented person he is, I could care less.
    I think YB’s a bit more noticeable now too, so maybe that’s why they’re giving him more attention. And when I first got into kpop, omona used to a funny place to go to when nobody liked akp…now it’s just full of whiny kids.

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