Taeyang Hugs IU on Inkigayo


It’s a well known fact that IU‘s been a fan of Taeyang since… forever. Today must’ve been her lucky day, as the darling idol received a heartfelt hug from her favorite star right on stage!

Big Bang joined ‘Inkigayo‘ MCs IU, Nicole, and Hara to talk about their comeback. For their interview, the three girls chose to ask fan questions to create a memorable interview.  One of those questions, sent by a fan named A sunflower who only looks at Taeyang‘, asked, “White Day is coming up soon, who will Taeyang gift candy to?”

Coincidentally, IU who was wearing a crown made out of tiny sunflowers, leading her fellow MCs to suspiciously ask, “Was that question really sent by a fan?”

IU denied their suspicion and told them to “be quiet”, hurrying Taeyang for a response. Taeyang chose action over words and pulled her into a cute hug that had all cameras and the envy of fans focused on her!

IU obviously couldn’t hide her expression of joy, while others erupted in laughter.

The video clip is below as well as translations.

Top: All the members are really happy to be back. We thank our fans who have waited for us.

MC: Hair Style inspiration? GD: mine’s from seaweed. Taeyang: a raddish. Daesung: a white horse. TOP: Mine is from some ice cream. Seungri: Me? A chestnut!!!

IU: We gathered questions from BB’s fans, who have been waiting.  We will just read one question.  Sunflower that only looks at the sun asks, ” taeyang, it is going to be white day soon.  To which girl are you going to give candy to ?

Nicole: Wait a minute IU, is this really a question sent by a fan?

IU:  Quiet.  Please answer the question quickly (to YB) .  I’m curious

IU: Taeyang, to whom will u give your candies on WhiteDay?

BB: *shouting* KISS HER!

TY: *hugged IU*

Credits: @Huisuyoon on twitter, piglet for translations, happyrichlife @youtube, Allkpop, Nate

Lol Taeyang is such a hugger. We’ve seen him hug all these girls (2NE1, Jihye, Crazy Dancers and IU more than once). And he’s the one who’s shy around the ladies? Anyway, I love the idea of IU and Taeyang together because it would be the most adorable couple ever. IU represents all us fangirls as a dedicated fan herself, plus girl is gorgeous. Where is that Get It Taeyang gif when you need it?

You can see more of Big Bang’s comeback on Inkigayo here.


21 thoughts on “Taeyang Hugs IU on Inkigayo”

  1. it’s been a while for some Tae-IU moment for us rare fans that ship this lol. I was stoked when I saw YB hug her like that <3333 but too bad Hara had to protect/block IU from the camera to avoid those "other fangirls" aka the super jealous ones.

  2. There’s another part where the girls were picking names out of a jar to see who would win a date with them. IU picks out a name, doesn’t even read it, just says “Congratulations Taeyang!”
    I love this girl

  3. Gaaaah. I love YB-IU moments not only because I’ve been shipping them since the very beginning, but the both of them aren’t shy about it at all. IU has always been very vocal about her crush and YB has always been an upfront person in the media. Isn’t it refreshing to see very honest, but very eloquent (not to mention polite) people in the media? They’re adorable to say the least. That’s probably why neither have been attacked by the other fans. lol. I bet IU fanuncles secretly want to be YB…abs…dance moves…and IU’s unconditional affection and all. lol.

  4. Adorable! Haha. First, YB hugs IU. Hara breaks it up out of jealousy. Then Seungri tries to move in for a hug, but YB waves him off. Then TOP decides that YB is his and pulls him away from IU (linking his left arm with YB’s right arm). haha

  5. THAT WAS JUST TOO CUTEE!!! YB really knows how to hug people, and you could just see that IU couldn’t contain her excitement and shock. These two are just too cute – I love YB-IU, the two of them are the most adorable people/couple ever!

    1. Supposedly someone from Loen entertainment (IU’s management company) tweeted something to the effect of “why did someone suddenly hug our precious child like that — but why does her face look so happy?”

      1. Hahahahah, could be arranged – you never know – but I love how cute she was – so adorable ❤ Any fangirl would be happy to be hugged by the man himself, she's the epitome of YB fangirls out there, hahaha.

  6. LOL they know how to make me love all of the hairstyle they would put in
    “MC: Hair Style inspiration? GD: mine’s from seaweed. Taeyang: a raddish. Daesung: a white horse. TOP: Mine is from some ice cream. Seungri: Me? A chestnut!!!”

    i guess every sol-mate is encouraged a lot thanks to IU !
    those Tae-IU moments and the BB’s hamburger pic totally made my day ❤

  7. personally i don’t like IU BAD HABIT


    since IU like Taeyang before her debut and of course i can’t lie that i also like IU cuteness and IU face


    I agree ship her with Taeyang 🙂

  8. YB…you dog you……..

    I swear, this is the only idol coupling in SK that everyone and their momma would throw their full support behind. I mean, how much more adorable can YB and IU fucking be?

  9. I wonder if they have each others numbers in their phones. hmmm.

    Oh, and also I saw this same exact article on allkpop. Did they rip it off you guys?

  10. omg,soooo cute.if only both companies agreed on sending this two on WGM.
    both fandoms seems very supportive of this two.
    YB’s fans adores IU and i just saw Taeyang focus fancams in k-collection shoot by IU’s fansite.like this one:

    instead of fanwars,isn’t this way better?

    can’t wait what’ll they do next time YB visits inki.

    1. I know! It’s so cute – there were a bunch of YB fancams from IU’s fansites right after Inki. IU’s fans have really been supportive of YB (and vice versa on the most part) for a while now. I don’t think most of it is even shipping – just fandoms being cooperative with one another. It’s great when fans decide to be positive about things instead of making everything a drama.

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