Taeyang & Big Bang at K-Collection in Seoul

Big Bang performed yesterday at K-Collection in Seoul fashion show. They performed Blue, Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby.

See below for fancams and photos

cr: as tagged, urthesun

And here are the fancams

Bad Boy 

Fantastic Baby






cr: juckdo@youtube, urthesun1@youtube, YBManiaOfficial2@youtube


Seems like Taeyang has been on fire. These have been amazing performances and he’s been beyond hyped. So far I’m loving the ALIVE performances, however I wished that we would get a performance of Ain’t No Fun soon.

7 thoughts on “Taeyang & Big Bang at K-Collection in Seoul”

  1. I find very hard to pay attention to the models when BB is on the same stage!! Love how YB just busted into the runway section and that splits is so unexpected…

  2. Anyone know who did the choreography? Apparently Luther Brown did some of it. It looks like there’s some Lyle in Bad Boy.

  3. They nailed it, loving YB even more! 😀 But, is it only me or does YB really grab the middle part of his pants A LOT? Or maybe I’m seeing what I want to see. 😛

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